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Resetting Smart Dispute Data for Journey Re-run
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{{New request
{{New request
|Request to Publish=Yes
|Request to Publish=Yes
|Curator Assigned=
|Curator Assigned=Manjusha Gandham
|Description=Resetting Smart Dispute Data for Journey Re-run
|Description=Resetting Smart Dispute Data for Journey Re-run
|Applications=Smart Dispute
|Applications=Smart Dispute

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Curator Assigned Manjusha Gandham
Request to Publish Yes
Description Resetting Smart Dispute Data for Journey Re-run
Version as of 7.x
Application Smart Dispute
Capability/Industry Area Financial Services

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Resetting Smart Dispute Data for Journey Re-run[edit]

During the Smart Dispute Journey demo, it is often required to have a system with no dispute work object and no associate data related to work object to showcase proper scenario to new customer.

To achieve this, one way is to reset the current application and reinstall Smart Dispute or delete all the existing work object and its associate data. The first approach is time taking and the team providing demo must perform lots of configuration setting to achieve the desired demo scenario. The later approach is quite simple and easy to perform, giving the team providing the demo to focus only on the demo scenario.

Script to reset Smart Dispute data[edit]

Run the following SQL script to reset the Smart Dispute data.

  • delete from <PegaData>.pc_data_uniqueid;
  • update <PegaData>.pc_data_uniqueid set pylastreservedid=0;
  • delete from <PegaData>.sd_claim;
  • delete from <PegaData>.sd_dispute;
  • delete from <PegaData>. pc_work;
  • delete from <PegaData>. pc_assign_worklist;
  • delete from <PegaData>. pc_assign_workbasket;
  • delete from <PegaData>. pc_history_work;
  • delete from <PegaData>. pc_data_workattach;
  • delete from <PegaData>. pc_index_workparty;
  • delete from <PegaData>. pc_link_attachment;
  • delete from <PegaData>. pc_link_folder;
  • delete from <PegaData>. paf_entry;
  • delete from <PegaData>. paf_index_workparty;
  • delete from <PegaData>. pr_assign;
  • delete from <PegaData>. pr_sys_locks;
  • delete from <PegaData>. pr_sys_queue_sla;
  • delete from <PegaData>. pr_sys_queues;
  • delete from <PegaData>. pr_data;
  • delete from <PegaData>. pr_link;
  • delete from <PegaData>. pc_work_social;
  • delete from <PegaData>. pr_index;
  • delete from <PegaData>. pr_Index_PegaCard_Sd_FraudRepo;

Replace the <PegaData> with the exact schema name. Also, modify the above script as per the database type.