Configuring external authentication for a mobile app

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Configuring external authentication for a mobile app

Description Configuring authentication for a mobile app by using different protocols and external identity providers.
Version as of 8.2
Application Pega Platform
Capability/Industry Area Mobile

Authentication with external providers

In real-life deployments, access to Pega-based applications often needs to be secured with authentication against an external identity provider, such as Okta or Auth0. In particular, this requirement affects mobile apps that are based on Pega Mobile Client™.

Pega Platform™ provides out-of-the-box capabilities to configure such authentication by using OpenID Connect (OIDC) or Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML 2.0) protocols. Below is a collection of links to tutorials that describe configuration and troubleshooting of external authentication with different identity providers.

Configuring authentication with OIDC

Configuring authentication with SAML