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Getting started

We are glad you are here! Wikis are community-driven and designed to help people create and collaborate in real time.

The design patterns provided here are knowledge assets that explain how to address common implementation patterns using out-of-the-box Platform and Application capabilities.
We encourage you to browse the current collection.

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Note: New design patterns are regularly added by Pega experts, bookmark this page and be sure to check out what’s new!

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What's new

Ratings - Rate design patterns you review or re-rate them as they are updated with new content. Did you read a great design pattern and want to give it the credit it deserves by promoting it within the Pega Community? Click on the stars and show how much you liked it.

Faceted Search - Easily narrow down once broad searches by selecting Application, Capability/Industry, Ratings, Modification Date, Version As Of and Pega Liked search facets for more focused results. Looking for information on case management? Narrow that search down by selecting a specific application from the list.

Enhanced Help Documentation - Not sure how to navigate the site, how to write a design pattern or add content to a published one? Click on the Pega Community Wiki Help and get step by step guidance.  Click on “Pega Community Wiki Help” under Operations in the left hand column to access new enhanced documentation.

Content Notification – Want to be notified when new content that meets your interest.  Sign-up now for a weekly digest, based on Application, Capability and Industry of newly published content.  New content notifications are sent out in a digest format every Tuesday. To sign-up do the following:

  • From the Homepage, click on “Content Notification” under Operations in the left-hand column.
  • Click on the Application, Capability and Industry topics that are of interest.
  • Click “Save” button at the bottom of the page

Citation Functionality - need to cite other sources in your design pattern. When in edit mode on a design pattern, click the specific location for the reference then click Cite>Basic in the editing toolbar and paste your reference in the reference then click Insert. The citation reference list will automatically be included at the bottom of the page.

Coming soon
  • Ability for you to suggest your own design patterns