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|title=PegaWiki: Welcome to PegaWiki!
|description=What is a PegaWiki?


Welcome to PegaWiki!

What is a PegaWiki?

PegaWiki is a wiki approach to provide the Pega community with relevant, accurate and timely content to effectively and efficiently develop and implement Pega software solutions.

Wikis are community driven, built on a wiki engine designed to allow people to create and collaborate on content through a web browser. PegaWiki is part of the Prescriptive Implementations As A Service initiative.

Get started by browsing the existing Design Patterns and exploring the glossary terms. If you have any suggestions to revise the content please click the "suggestion" tab to enter your feedback. 

Pega Employees - Ready to roll up your sleeves and add new content? Click the "New Design Pattern" and begin authoring. To make a recommendation to improve an existing design pattern or glossary term please use the "edit" option from the page and begin making changes (Don't forget to write a summary statement for approving :-)).

Share your expertise!!