Understanding off-computer codes

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Curator Assigned
Request to Publish No
Description Leveraging off computer codes to better understand how employees work.
Version as of 8.5
Application Workforce Intelligence
Capability/Industry Area Idle Time

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Off Computer Codes

If no keyboard or mouse activity is registered for a period of over 60 seconds (recommended setting) the system classifies the time between interactions as ‘idle’.

For longer ‘idle’ times (recommended setting 15 minutes) a popup can be shown for asking the user to categorize the ‘idle’ time by providing a reason like Lunch, Break, Meeting etc. Idle time is then calculated until the time the user clicked on the reason.

The reasons are also referred to as “off-computer reason codes”. These codes/reasons are optional and configurable including their order by an Administrator. Off computer codes are disabled by default, but can be enabled for any level of the hierarchy.

Pre-configured Off Computer Codes:

Off Computer Reasons Reason Code Work Category
Other Idle-Other Non Work
Break Idle-Break Non Work
Lunch Idle-Lunch Non Work
Assisting Others Idle-Assisting Others Production
Meeting Idle-Meeting Non Work
Receiving Assistance Idle-Receiving Assistance Production
Training Idle-Training Production
Mail Room Idle-Mail Room Production
Paper Handling Idle-Paper Handling Production
No Work Available Idle-No Work Available Non Work
Personal Time Idle-Personal Time Non Work
System Issue Idle-System Issue Non Work

Implementation Best Practices

  • Be mindful of the impact a popup has on daily operations.
  • Keep off-computer codes deactivated during the first few weeks when establishing a baseline.
  • Depending on requirements an “off-computer reason code” is typically configured to be shown after 10 to 15 minutes of ‘idle’ time.
  • The list of reasons should be kept short for quick and easy selection.
  • If not using off-computer codes, it is common having a high amount of ‘idle’ time. A regular lunch break often equates to approximately 10% of a working day.

Additional Resources

Understanding Idle Time - http://help.openspan.com/wi30/Concepts/Understanding_Idle_Time.htm