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thumb text-top Pega Robotic Process Automation™ (RPA) design patterns share tips and tricks to help Pega Robot Studio developers successfully create and implement Pega RPA automations.

Use Pega Robotic Automation to create robots that distribute information between unrelated software systems and automate tedious manual work and repetitive tasks. Use Pega Robot Manager™ to manage the robots in your bot-force. You can control how attended and unattended robots are configured and the work they can perform.

Featured Patterns
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Design Patterns
Robotic Process Automation PatternsCapability/Industry AreaDescription
Adding a mainframe application to a robotic solutionRobotic AutomationDescribes how to add a mainframe application to a robotic automation solution.
Citrix setup and implementationRobotic AutomationSetting up and implementing a Citrix environment when creating automations.
Configuring ADFS and Pega Robot Manager for Single Sign-onRobot ManagerTips for configuring Pega Robot Manager for ADFS.
Enabling verbose-level Runtime loggingRobotic AutomationHow to implement verbose-level logging to diagnose issues in Runtime
Handling class mapping limitationsRobot ManagerDescribes how to modify class mappings to adhere to the 30-character limit after upgrading to Robot Manager 8.5 in an Oracle environment 8.5 Robotic Process Automation.
How is OCR used in Pega Robotic Automation?Robotic AutomationDescribes how the OCR and PDF components are used when creating robotic automations.
Maintaining Robot Manager History Tables for Robot Manager V8.3.1 and earlierRobot ManagerDescribes how to manage history data in Robot Manager to prevent system issues.
RPA automated testingRobotic AutomationDiscusses the use of automated testing with RPA solutions.
Using Citrix ContextsRobotic AutomationLearn how to create robotic automations that run in a Citrix context.
Using the Microsoft Excel connectorsRobotic AutomationChoosing a connector when automating Microsoft Excel or manipulating Excel files.