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Industry Application Design Patterns
Knowledgebase Links
Industry Applications
Financial Service Applications
Pega Foundation for Healthcare
Smart Claims Engine
Pega Product Composer for Healthcare
Smart Disputes for Issuers
Pega Foundation for Financial Services
Pega Foundation for Financial Services PatternsCapability/Industry AreaDescriptionVersion
Adding a new 3rd party data source (component) for entity enrichment in Pega Foundation for Financial ServicesFinancial ServicesAdd a new enrichment data provider for PFFS8.5
Configuring data for product availability processing in Pega Foundation for Financial Services used by Financial Services applicationsFinancial ServicesConfiguring the availability of Financial Services products in SAFS & CLM8.5
Connecting FS products to a System of RecordFinancial ServicesHow to connect Financial Services Products to a System of Record8.5
Currency Conversion in Pega Foundation for Financial ServicesFinancial ServicesCurrency Exchange Rate Data Structure8.7
Delete reference data record (Soft-Delete) without physically removing record from the table in PFFSFinancial ServicesDeleting a record without physically removing it from the table8.8
How to create products that Financial Services apps will offerFinancial ServicesCreating a sample financial services product8.5
How to manage Operating Structure (T. O. M.) in PFFSFinancial ServicesOperating Structure Management8.7
PFFS: Reusability of existing org charts to Operating StructureFinancial ServicesAbility to reuse org charts created by other methods in Operating Structure landing page8.7
Using an Enrichment or Screening Marketplace ComponentFinancial ServicesExplores a unified approach to creating and extending integrations for Financial Services applications.8.1
Pega Government Platform
Pega Government Platform PatternsCapability/Industry AreaDescriptionVersion
Creating New Entities in PGPGovernmentGuide to adding a new entity to PGP8.5
Integrating Industry Applications with Pega Customer ServiceGovernmentIntegrating Industry Applications with Pega Customer Service8.2
Leverage Pega Government Platform (PGP) from Pega Customer ServiceGovernmentBuilding a PGP Implementation Stack with Customer Service8.5
Limiting the visibility of sensitive data items through attribute-based access control (ABAC)GovernmentLearn how to limit the visibility of sensitive data items through attribute-based access control (ABAC), based on a set of examples.8.5
Merging duplicate data entitiesGovernmentMerging duplicate data8.6
PGP Option MapGovernmentDriving UI with Local Data8.5
Pega Foundation for Insurance
Pega Foundation for Insurance PatternsCapability/Industry AreaDescriptionVersion
IAA Data model for Insurance productsInsuranceIAA Data model for Insurance products8.7
Implementing the OOTB Insurance Submission Quality ScoreInsuranceUnderwriting submission quality score radar chart8.1