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thumb text-top Pega Customer Decision Hub™ leverages Pega’s AI and Decision Management engine to deliver a system that delivers real-time next best actions for our clients’ customers across Mobile, Web, E-Mail, SMS, and other channels. Customer Decision Hub design patterns provide best practices for making 1:1 customer engagement implementation projects run in an optimal, scalable and performant way. They include best practices on configuring customer data models, organizing business structures, defining engagement policies, extending the next-best-action strategy framework, integrating with external channels, configuring the adaptive and predictive models, Cassandra and many more.

Featured Patterns
Knowledgebase Links
Design Patterns
Customer Decision Hub PatternsCapability/Industry AreaDescription
Accessing a customer’s interaction history with the CustomerOfferHistory REST serviceMarketingDescribes use cases and how to of the customer offer history service
Action Flow TemplateDecisioningLearn how to build a reusable Action Flow template
Adobe Campaign Classic integration with Pega Customer Decision Hubfinancial service, communications, insuranceIntegration with Adobe Campaign Classic
Business As Usual Process Flow in Operations Manager and CDHBusiness AgilityEnd-to-end process flow for Business As Usual using Operations Manager and Customer Decision Hub
Business OperationsBusiness agilityAn overview of Business Operations
Extending real-time container requestCross-sell and upsell on digitalExtend the real-time container payload so an external application can pass additional input.
Importing and Exporting Data in the Pega Customer Decision HubData managementLearn how to import and export data to and from Pega Customer Decision Hub.
Importing and exporting actionsDecisioningLearn how to create or update actions through file export and import