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{{#ask:[[Class::Design pattern]] [[Approval status::approve]] [[Application::Customer Decision Hub]]
{{#ask:[[Class::Design pattern]] [[Approval status::approve]] [[Application::Pega Customer Decision Hub]]
|mainlabel=Customer Decision Hub Patterns |+width=42%
|mainlabel=Customer Decision Hub Patterns |+width=42%
|?Capability/Industry Area |?Description |format=broadtable
|?Capability/Industry Area |?Description |format=broadtable

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thumb text-top Pega Customer Decision Hub™ leverages Pega’s AI and Decision Management engine to deliver a system that delivers real-time next best actions for our clients’ customers across Mobile, Web, E-Mail, SMS, and other channels. Customer Decision Hub design patterns provide best practices for making 1:1 customer engagement implementation projects run in an optimal, scalable and performant way. They include best practices on configuring customer data models, organizing business structures, defining engagement policies, extending the next-best-action strategy framework, integrating with external channels, configuring the adaptive and predictive models, Cassandra and many more.

Featured Patterns
Knowledgebase Links
Design Patterns
Customer Decision Hub PatternsCapability/Industry AreaDescription
Accessing a customer’s interaction history with the CustomerOfferHistory REST serviceAgent-assisted ChannelsDescribes use cases and how to of the customer offer history service
Action Flow TemplateNext Best ActionLearn how to build a reusable Action Flow template
Adjusting Next-Best-Action catalogue to support changed business prioritiesNext Best ActionAdjusting Next-Best-Action catalogue to support changed business priorities
Adjusting arbitration to reflect changed business prioritiesNext Best ActionAdjusting arbitration to reflect changed business priorities
Adjusting arbitration to upweight emergency messagesNext Best ActionAdjusting arbitration to upweight emergency messages
Adobe Campaign Classic integration with Pega Customer Decision HubPartners and IntegrationsIntegration with Adobe Campaign Classic
Best practices when troubleshooting decision strategy performanceNext Best ActionBest practices when troubleshooting decision strategy performance
Business As Usual Process Flow in Operations Manager and CDH Version 8.5Change and Revision ManagementEnd-to-end process flow for Business As Usual using Operations Manager and Customer Decision Hub
Business As Usual Process Flow in Pega 1:1 Operations Manager and Pega Customer Decision HubChange and Revision ManagementThis wiki design pattern describes the end-to-end process flow for creating and deploying new actions to production, as well as requesting updates to existing actions.
Business OperationsChange and Revision ManagementAn overview of Business Operations
Channel Integration with Pega Customer Decision HubPartners and IntegrationsChannel integration with Pega Customer Decision Hub
Creating a Real-Time ContainerNext Best ActionCreating a Real-Time Container in in Pega Customer Decision Hub
Creating the test data mockup processTesting and SimulationCreating the process to populate mock-up data in a sample multi-level structure and covers a few methods for testing service and strategies using the generated mockup data.
Data science tools for Pega Customer Decision HubArtificial IntelligenceUse external data science tool with Pega Platform
Defining engagement policies to qualify customers for an action based on their interaction with another actionNext Best ActionRestrict an action to only be applicable after a customer interacted with another action by using interaction history in engagement policies.
Ethical Bias check algorithmsTesting and SimulationEthical Bias check algorithms
Exporting Interaction History from Pega CloudPartners and IntegrationsData export
Extending real-time container requestDigital PersonalizationExtend the real-time container payload so an external application can pass additional input.
FAQ Document on Application MigrationChange and Revision ManagementPega Customer Decision Hup application migration FAQ
Generating Next Best Actions for omni-channel execution and engagementPartners and IntegrationsIntegration of Pega Customer Decision Hub with Adobe Real-time Profile in Experience Platform
How to test next best action strategy for a single customer in multiline decisioning contextNext Best ActionThis wiki design pattern describes how to run efficient diagnostics at the strategy layer for a single customer and answer the question “Why does customer X not get action Y?”.
Importing and Exporting Data in the Pega Customer Decision HubData ManagementLearn how to import and export data to and from Pega Customer Decision Hub.
Importing and exporting actionsNext Best ActionLearn how to create or update actions through file export and import
Industry accelerators for Pega Customer Decision Hub: Rapidly deploy solutions specific to your industryNext Best ActionExplore accelerator components that speed up the implementation of Pega Customer Decision Hub for the communications, financial services, healthcare, and insurance industries.
Ingesting data from Kafka topics into the Decision Data StoreData ManagementLearn how to configure you Pega Customer Decision Hub application to ingest customer data that a client system posts to Kafka topics.
Leveraging self-learning models to ensure optimization in new situationArtificial IntelligenceLeveraging self-learning models to ensure optimization in new situation
Load testing scenariosTesting and SimulationLoad testing scenarios
Manage BAU and project changes and revisions: Applications, Environments, and ProcessesChange and Revision ManagementManage BAU and project changes and revisions: Applications, Environments, and Processes
Migrating from Unica campaign to Pega's Next-Best-Action paradigmOutbound MarketingMigrating from Unica campaign to Pega's Next-Best-Action paradigm
Migrating to Next-Best-Action DesignerNext Best ActionConsiderations when migrating to Next-Best-Action Designer
Pega Customer Decision Hub Channel Emulator UtilityTesting and SimulationEmulate the inbound real time requests made to Pega Customer Decision Hub real-time container and capture response APIs
Pega's approach for true next best action outboundOutbound MarketingThis design pattern explains how clients can apply Pega's Customer Decision Hub for Outbound marketing in a practical and cost efficient way.
Personalizing emergency messages to increase impactNext Best ActionPersonalizing emergency messages to increase impact
Planning your Pega Customer Decision Hub environmentsNext Best ActionEstablish and size your environments for Pega Customer Decision Hub
RACI chart for Next-Best-Action organizational teamsNext Best ActionRACI chart for Next-Best-Action organizational teams
Rapid Response to EmergenciesNext Best ActionRapid Response to Emergencies
Updating columns in a table without erasing data in other columns in the same rowData ManagementUsing the merge shape in Data flow to update table columns without affecting existing content
Using multi-level decisioning to determine the next best actionArtificial IntelligenceHow-to