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It is important that customer service representatives (CSRs) engage with customers in a meaningful way, asking the right questions and providing the right suggestions at every step in the process of solving a customer's issues. Dialogs help CSRs by giving them appropriate contextual scripts for customer conversations. Dialogs also ensure that similar conversations are consistent across interactions.

Detailed instructions for configuring dialogs can be found in the Customer Service implementation guide.

Best practices for configuring dialogs[edit]

Keeping it contextual[edit]

Configuring dialogs with the context clearly in mind increases their impact. For example, if the skill level of a CSR is “expert”, the dialog can potentially involve in-depth technical questions that the CSR can understand well, and extract the most relevant, helpful information from the customer.

It is therefore important to select the right “when” conditions when setting up a dialog.

Dialogs configuration

Coaching tips[edit]

Certain customer interactions could be sensitive in nature and require customer service representatives to handle these instances carefully. Coaching tips are meant for providing guidance to CSRs for such scenarios and encourage them to follow best practices.

Detailed instructions for configuring Coaching tips can be found in Customer service implementation guide.

Best practices for configuring Coaching tips[edit]

Keeping the content dynamic and latest[edit]

As coaching tips provide guidance especially for handing sensitive situations with customers, it is important to modify the coaching tip description to reflect business needs. Areas of risk or areas where sensitivity is needed, are great opportunities for Coaching tips. For example, if the customer interaction is on any compliance related issue, it is important that CSRs take latest regulatory standards or guidelines into consideration while they proceed to resolve customer issue.

Making them available as suited to situation[edit]

Coaching tips are great tools for CSRs who are new to team as they need guidance during their early tenure. They are also resourceful when entire team starts supporting new product lines or solutions. So depending up on the situation, it a good practice to make coaching tips available to specific users for desired tenure.

Providing more context through Knowledge articles[edit]

Sometimes it is important to provie de complete context to a given coaching tip so that CSRs are better positioned to understand and execute the coaching tip instructions. For example, CSRs with knowledge of resolution flow of a given issue can check for alternative documents when customer doesn't have all required documents. So it is a good practice to link relevant knowledge articles to a coaching tip to provide larger context.

Coaching tips configuration


Customer service representatives should always be in a position to handle changing business circumstances to ensure service levels are consistent and meet customer expectations. For example, an outage during a sales season is a critical situation which CSRs need to handle carefully so that customer service doesn’t get affected. Alerts about such disruptions is a very useful capability that Pega customer service provides.

Detailed instructions for configuring Alerts can be found in Customer service implementation guide.

Best practices for configuring Alerts[edit]

Keeping the message crisp and actionable[edit]

By default, Messages and alerts take one of the prime slots on “My Work” area of CSRs. So it is important they see concise and actionable message of an alert in the “Messages and Coaching” widget.

Marking only required workgroups[edit]

As CSRs are busy solving customer issues, their priority on which issue to resolve can change with nature of issues. It is also important that not every CSR is distracted with newly created alert messages. So workgroups to which the message is sent should be carefully selected.

Alerts configuration