Glossary:Ruleset Resolution

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Ruleset Resolution, ruleset resolution, rule resolution
The search algorithm used by Pega Platform to find the most appropriate use to apply in a situation. For example, in version 2 of a hiring process application, the system uses rule resolution to assemble the rules that are needed to run the application.

Rule resolution ensures that the system uses the latest version of each rule to run an application, because some rules will be found in the original version and some rules may be found in a subsequent version.

There are several factors that are considered when the system is trying to find the right rule, including (among others), the ruleset order, ruleset version, and the context class of the rule.

For example, an application used for hiring new employees includes two rulesets, MyJobApp and MyHR, in that order. The system gives priority to rules located in MyJobApp over the rules located in MyHR, because MyJobApp appears first and MyHR appears second in the list.

To facilitate application evolution, testing, and patching, rules can have multiple versions with the use of rule resolution. In addition, rule resolution provides flexibility as rules defined at a higher level can be overwritten by more specific rules at a lower level of an application.

A class contains rules which define the behavior of your application.