Extending portals to enhance the claims processing experience

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Curator Assigned
Request to Publish
Description Concepts and considerations for extending claim processing portals.
Version as of 8.5
Application Smart Claims Engine
Capability/Industry Area Healthcare

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Definition and concept[edit]

SCE Portals are interfaces supplied with the application. The include common roles associated with claims processing systems. Common examples are business analyst, claims examiner, claims manager, and system manager. Review the SCE user guide for a more complete listing of portals and available features of each.

Each portal provides access to features supporting the role common to processing systems. There is overlap between features, menu items, and functionality between portals. Careful consideration is given to features available in each portal but there they may not cover all business needs. SCE portals come with extension points to support custom user interface requirements.

Key considerations[edit]

Always use predefined extension points when available. This reduces impact during upgrade.

Use the screen space to maximum effect by focusing on the information required to do the task at hand. Too much or too little information will reduce productivity.

Extension points for specific interface screens can be found by browsing the live UI. Review the implementation guide for detailed instructions.

Portal UI Image.png

Rules overridden in the implementation layer will take precedent over updated product rules. Review release notes to identify when new enhancements can be used in lieu of carrying forward custom code.

Use case example[edit]


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