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Description Detecting duplicate cases
Version as of 8.5
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Capability/Industry Area Case Management

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What is a duplicate case?[edit]

Duplicate cases are cases that have the same data and purpose.

Having same data alone doesn’t make a case duplicate.

The application has to ensure that it does not let duplicate cases undetected into the system


A customer has created two orders that have the same products, quantity.In this case the second order might be a duplicate order.

Application has to evaluate whether the second order is a duplicate and flag it.

Pega platform provides the ability to configure conditions that help detect duplicate cases.

How to detect duplicate cases?[edit]

Pega provides search duplicate cases feature that gives the ability to detect duplicate cases.

This option has to be added to the case flow as a step and the conditions have to be configured.

This option provides Basic conditions and Weighted conditions to compare property values in the application to determine If a case is a duplicate.

Basic conditions[edit]

Basic conditions are the required conditions that must match for a case to be considered duplicate.

Weighted conditions[edit]

Weighted conditions can be assigned a score and a threshold can be defined for sum of all the weighted conditions.

A case is deemed duplicate when

  • Basic conditions are matched and
  • Sum of the weighted conditions matches or exceeds the threshold value.

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