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PegaWiki depends on your participation! If you have a design pattern to share, please add it AND expect your colleagues to make edits or suggestions.

What's the difference between an edit and a suggestion?[edit]

Edits are added directly to a design pattern. If you have additional content that would enhance the design pattern or notice something that should be corrected, use the Edit function. For example, Making pizza in high altitudes may be added to the Making Pizza design pattern. Note: Edits are currently available for Pega employees and will be curated prior to publishing.

Suggestions provide a forum for recommendations and questions. For example, "This is helpful, it would be great to have details on how to make pizza dough at a high altitude." or "What types of tomatoes are recommended for a great pizza sauce?" Note: Currently Suggestions are only available for Pega employees. Moving into phase two, we will be opening up this feature for authenticated users.

Writing guidelines[edit]

Please review and follow these guidelines to ensure that PegaWiki is a healthy, vibrant community.

PegaWiki content should not include:

  • Personal content
  • Customer references
  • Customer names
  • Competitor references
  • Competitor names
  • Company confidential information
  • Commentary or subjective opinion on products of other vendors or the vendors themselves
  • Quotes containing commentary or subjective opinion on products of other vendors or the vendors themselves

Need support or have questions?[edit]

Contact the PegaWiki team