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PegaWiki depends on your participation! If you have a design pattern to share, please add it AND expect your colleagues to make edits or suggestions.

What's the difference between and edit and suggestion?[edit]

Edits are added directly to a design pattern. If you have additional content that would enhance the design pattern or notice something that should be corrected, use the edit function. Example: Making pizza in high altitudes maybe added to Making Pizza design pattern. Note: Edits are currently available for Pega employees and will be curated prior to publishing.

Suggestions provide a forum for recommendations and questions. Examples, "This is helpful, it would be great to have details on how to make pizza dough at a high altitude." "What types of tomatoes are recommended for a great pizza sauce?" Note: Currently Suggestions are only available for Pega employees. Moving into phase two, we will be opening up this feature for authenticated users.

Writing guidelines[edit]

Please review and follow these guidelines to ensure that PegaWiki is a healthy, vibrant community.

PegaWiki content should not include:

  • Personal content
  • Customer references
  • Customer names
  • Competitor references
  • Competitor  names
  • Company confidential information
  • Commentary or subjective opinion on products of other vendors or the vendors themselves
  • Quotes containing commentary or subjective opinion on products of other vendors or the vendors themselves

Need support or have questions?[edit]

Contact the PegaWiki team