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It's a group effort!

Pega Community Wiki depends on your participation! If you have a design pattern to share, go ahead and add it! You should also expect that your colleagues might make edits or suggestions.

What's the difference between an edit and a suggestion?

Edits are made directly to a design pattern. If you have additional content that would enhance the design pattern, or notice something that should be corrected, use the Edit function. For example, a section on Making pizza at high altitudes could be added to the Making Pizza design pattern. Note: The edit function is available to Pega employees. Edited text will be curated prior to publishing.

Suggestions provide a forum for recommendations and questions. For example, "This is helpful, but it would be great to have details on how to make pizza dough at a high altitude," or "What types of tomatoes are recommended for a great pizza sauce?"

Note: Suggestions can currently only be made by Pega employees. Moving into phase two, we will be opening up this feature for authenticated users.

It all starts with a good title

Titles give the essence of the information that a user is about to digest. Giving your article an attractive, interesting title is a key part of the writing process. The following simple guidelines can help you to create good titles:

  • Do not write "Best practices for...", as this creates problems with the Wiki engine's sorting and display of articles.
  • Capitalization: Use sentence-style capitalization (capital letter on the first word and proper names), not headline style (capital letters on every word).
  • Length: Long-winded titles look bad and risk becoming incomprehensible. Provide enough information, but don't try to summarize the entire topic in the title.
  • Action verbs: Use active voice and positive statements to give your titles impact. For example:
    • Good: Making white sauce for pizza. Bad: Best practices for white pizza sauce.
    • Good: Diagnosing your system with the Performance tool Bad: Use the Performance tool to diagnose your system
    • Good: Migrating customer data from Salesforce to Pega Sales Automation Bad: Ways to migrate customer data from Salesforce to Pega Sales Automation

How to create great content?

In your writing, there are three simple guidelines that will help you create the best possible content:

  • Be clear: Use simple sentences to communicate. Avoid uncertainty when providing instructions.
  • Be specific: Write exactly what you need to communicate. Be precise and only include the necessary details.
  • Be consistent: Your style, structure, format, and use of terms should be consistent.

Prohibited Content

Review and follow these guidelines to ensure that Pega Community Wiki is a healthy, vibrant community.

Pega Community Wiki content should not include:

  • Personal content
  • Customer references
  • Customer names
  • Competitor references
  • Competitor names
  • Company confidential information
  • Commentary or subjective opinion on products of other vendors or the vendors themselves
  • Quotes containing commentary or subjective opinion on products of other vendors or the vendors themselves
  • Derogatory language
  • For a complete list of Prohibited content please see the Terms of Use.

Intended Audience

The content and services are not directed to, nor do we knowingly collect information from, children under the age of 16. If you become aware that your child or any child under your care has provided us with information without your consent, please contact us at the contact information listed below.

If you need to report or have a concern about any content within this site please contact us.

Need support or have questions?

Contact us.