Features and functions of the Task case in Care Management

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Features and functions of the Task case in Care Management

Description Using and extending the Task case
Version as of 8.6
Application Pega Care Management
Capability/Industry Area Healthcare and Life Sciences

The Task case in Pega Care Management is the cover case for many features and functions. Through the Business Analyst portal, task templates are available and are used as accelerators for creating a task.Tasks define the automated and manual user actions such as scheduled phone calls, scheduled risk assessments, sending fulfillment, sending correspondence (emails and letters), and interventions.

Task case type

The following lists the task templates and the corresponding tasks that you can perform:

  • Notify case owner: Automatically send an email to the case owner
  • Record observation: Record an observation
  • Schedule assessment: Schedule a phone assessment
  • Schedule call: Schedule a phone call to a patient or the patient's primary care physician
  • Send email: Generate a pre-configured email to a patient or the patient's primary care physician
  • Send fulfillment: Set the fulfillment education information that can be sent to a patient or the patient's primary care physician
  • Send letter: Send a pre-configured letter to either a patient or the patient's primary care physician

Out-of-the box, all tasks are in the PegaHC-Care-Work-CareAccel-Task acclerator class and the Rule-PegaCare-Task rule class.

Key rules for tasks

The following are rules that you can reference when working with a task. The use of rules impact the display, creation, update, and deletion of tasks.

Rule name Rule type Class Purpose Parameters

Used to display tasks

D_BATaskList Data page Rule-PegaCare-Task Displays task templates searchText, ReportName, Category
TaskList Report definition Rule-PegaCare-Task Loads the task templates based on the category and type Category, Type
Used to create tasks
MapRuleType Decision table Rule- Returns the rule template name (problem) based on the rule class
DeleteCareTemplateRule Activity Index-Reference Deletes all associated care templates referenceKey, ruleType, category, purpose
NewTask Flow PegaHC-Care-Work-CareAccel-Task Creates a new task template
D_fetchCategories Data page Rule-Obj-FieldValue Fetches categories based on the field name and class name Fieldname, className
UpdateExistingSLA Flow action PegaHC-Care-Work-CareAccel Updates the existing Service Level Agreement (SLA) rule associated with the task
SetSLAInitialValues Activity PegaHC-Care-Work-CareAccel Initializes the SLA rule
SaveSLARule Activity PegaHC-Care-Work-CareAccel-Task Saves the SLA rule
ListSLA Report definition PegaHC-Care-Work-CareAccel-Task Loads all SLAs associated with the task class ClassName
D_StartingFlowsList Data page Embed-PegaHC-Stringlist Gets the list of flows that can be associated with a task
D_TaskFlowsList Data page Rule-Obj-Flow Gets the list of flows that can be associated with a task. The configured flow is invoked when a task case is associated with a patient.
D_QuestionnaireCategory Data page Rule-PegaQ-Questionnaire Gets the list of assessment categories
QuestionnaireByCategory Report definition Rule-PegaQ-Questionnaire Gets the list of assessments based on the selected category aCategory
ListOfValidCorrs Report definition Rule-Obj-Corr-CM Gets the list of email templates corrType, category, associatedParty
GetProgramsList Report definition PegaHC-Data-Program Gets the list of all programs category
ListOfMaterials Report definition Rule-File-Binary Gets the list of all fulfillments based on the program relativepath
ListOfKMArticles Report definition PegaFW-KM-Work-Content-Published Gets the list of all KM articles based on the program program
Used to update tasks
UpdateTask Flow PegaHC-Care-Work-CareAccel-Task Updates an existing task template
SetUpdateParameters Data transform @baseclass filename, filetype, relativepath, description, category
CopyTask Activity PegaHC-Care-Work Opens the existing task instance and copies the template to the workpage purpose, category, className, objClass, label
NewTask Activity PegaHC-Care-Work-CareAccel-Task Creates or saves the task instance
Used to Delete Tasks
DeleteConfirmScreen Flow action PegaHC-Care-Work-CareAccel-Task Confirmation screen for task delete
LoadReferencingRules Activity PegaHC-Care-Work Fetches the referencing rules of the task template Lockversion,



DeleteCareTemplateRule Activity PegaHC-Care-Work Deletes a task template RulePage

Before you begin

  • Set the classes and rulesets to the appropriate implementation layer.
  • Review that the task types are accurate for the organization.
  • If using fulfillment tasks, review Pega Knowledge taxonomy and content.

Use case examples

The following are examples of task use cases that might apply to your organization:

  • A business user wants to create a task for assigning an assessment within the Business Analyst Portal.
  • An application developer wants to add a new task type and configure an SLA. Because there are new types of tasks that are needed by the organization, developers can add new task types.
  • An application developer wants to extend a step within the stage to meet their organizations process design.The organization might want a task to include a new step or stage. The developer and business user can perform this work.
  • A business user within the Patient 360 wants to add a task to the patient's care plan. The care manager can add tasks to the care plan to personalize the care plan for the patient or member.

For information about how to implement specific use cases, see the Business Use Case Guide located on the Care Management Community page. After your review of the use cases, you should understand the following:

  • Construction of the task case
  • Functions and features of each task
  • How to extend a task case