Theme Cosmos - Using the Pega API (DX API)

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Theme Cosmos - Using the Pega API (DX API)

Description Guidelines for developing an application interface
Version as of 8.5
Application Pega Platform
Capability/Industry Area User Experience

Pega DX API is a set of REST services that allow Pega to communicate with a consumer facing front end. The difference between traditional API and DX API, is that DX API returns case or assignment UX information in the API response – including information about UI elements, layout, actions, and styling - which can be used to build dynamic, future-proof front ends using the customer's front-end technology of choice.

Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 10.41.26 AM.png

The following use cases can be handled using DX API:

  • Viewing a list of case types and creating a case.
  • Viewing a list of assignments, choosing an assignment, and submitting an action.
  • Building a custom dashboard.

To build a consumer facing UI using Pega DX API, perform the steps listed below.

Enable the Pega DX API

To enable Pega DX API, see Getting started with Pega API for Pega Platform.

Review the request and response elements of Pega DX API

Review the UX information (page, harness, view, section, layout, and controls) in the DX API response on the Pega API landing page. You can navigate to the Pega API landing page from the Resources menu icon in Dev Studio, or from the Channels menu in App Studio to visualize and interact with the API’s resources, such as endpoints, sample responses and request elements.

For more information, see The digital experience API request and response elements and Accessing and testing DX API.

Build a UI with your chosen front-end technology

By using the UX information in the DX API response, customers can build a UI with their chosen front-end technology. Pega has created starter packs for Angular, Vue, React, iOS, etc. Customers can get started using those starter packs for building consumer facing UI. To build the UI using various starter kits from the Pega marketplace, see Creating custom screens with the digital experience APIs.

Starter packs on Pega Marketplace: