Theme Cosmos - Minimizing a modal window built on the OOTB template

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Theme Cosmos - Minimizing a modal window built on the OOTB template

Description Add an option to minimize a modal window
Version as of 8.5
Application Pega Platform
Capability/Industry Area User Experience

This content is being retired in the next few months. Please use our documentation site to find information you may need.

There might be a scenario where a modal window is to be displayed with an option to minimize it when creating a new case. This option is usually not available in the out-of-the-box (OOTB) modal window templates. Also, the default behavior for the Create Work event is that the new case created will be displayed by replacing the current window.

The following figure shows the modal window with the minimize option added.

Modal window with minimize option.png

To add the minimize option to the modal window:

  1. Configure a button or link according to the requirement. Add an action as Click and an event as Create Work.
  2. Make the Target as an Ajax container.
  3. Use work class for the class name (of the case you are trying to create).
  4. Use Skeleton for the Transition, and skeleton is pyCreateCaseSkeleton.

On minimizing, the window collapses to the right bottom corner and can be reopened with a click.