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Glossary entries for possible deletion:

Suggestions for new glossary entries:

  • Sprint (as in the Scrum methodology -- we have a few definitions dealing with sprints, which mention "sprint" by itself, but there is no definition of sprint)
  • Increment (as above, for Sprint)
  • Definition of Done (and other, related items, such as Minimum Lovable Product, if they are not already present) (Mentioned in show and tell, but without its own entry).
  • Predictive Diagnostic Cloud™ (PDC) is an AI-powered technology that is used throughout the application life cycle to assess the health of your application, notify you of critical issues and resolve performance and stability problems. For details see [1]
  • Constellation uses ReactJS libraries to create a new run-time architecture for Pega Platform applications. Constellation is a static content microservice that delivers React components, JavaScript code, and other static content to the browser. Constellation application interact with servers exclusively through DX APIs. The Constellation engine is the basis for Cosmos-React applications.