Setting up customers in Pega Sales Automation for B2C selling modes

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Description Instructions for configuring customers in Pega Sales Automation for the B2C selling mode
Version as of 7.x
Application Sales Automation
Capability/Industry Area Sales Automation

Follow design practices and implementation guidelines for setting up customers in Pega Sales Automation for B2C selling mode, including relevant objects such as households, contacts, and relationships among them.

The primary audience of this article is the implementation team and sales operations.

Relevant objects in Pega Sales Automation[edit]

For setting up customers in the B2C selling mode, Pega Sales Automation provides the household and contact objects.

The contact object includes details of an individual customer or prospect, as well as key information about that person, for example, name, address, and communication details. For more information, see Pega Sales Automation entities.

The household object is a collection of contacts with a specific role attached to each contact. For example, a household can include four contacts, with one identified as a head of this household and other three as individual members with specific roles (for example, spouse, son, or daughter). For more information, see Pega Sales Automation entities.

Setting up households and contacts[edit]

Setting up customers in the B2C selling mode includes the following steps:

1. Create contacts, for example, Bob Smith, Laura Smith, and John Smith. If you already have contacts, you can skip this step.

PegaSA Contacts.png

2. Create a household, for example, Smith Household. Provide the name and address of your household and add relevant contacts as members of this household. While adding members, provide their role in the household (for example, head, spouse, or son).

PegaSA Households.png

Note: At this point, your customer setup is complete for the B2C selling mode. You can start creating opportunities for contacts. You can associate any leads that come from campaigns with these contacts.

PegaSA Households Opp.png

Additional information[edit]

While the steps above describe the recommendations to set up customers in Pega Sales Automation, users are not limited to adding relevant data (household, contacts, and so on) through the data entry screens. You can use the data import tools or REST APIs to effectively upload your data.

For more information, see Import your data and Pega Sales Automation API.