Resetting Smart Dispute data

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Resetting Smart Dispute data

Description Script to reset work object and related data
Version as of 7.1.1
Application Pega Disputes and Payments Exceptions
Capability/Industry Area Financial Services

Resetting Smart Dispute data for Journey rerun

To showcase a Smart Dispute journey demo to a new customer, a system without a dispute work object or any associated work object related data is required.

To achieve this, one way is to reset or reinstall the application or delete all the existing work object and the associated data. Resetting or reinstalling the application takes a lot of time and resetting multiple configuration settings to achieve the desired demo scenario. Deleting and resetting the existing data is easy to perform, and is explained below.

Run the following SQL script by replacing the <PegaData> with the exact schema name and modify the script per the database type to reset the Smart Dispute data:

delete from <PegaData>.pc_data_uniqueid;

update <PegaData>.pc_data_uniqueid set pylastreservedid=0;

delete from <PegaData>.sd_claim;

delete from <PegaData>.sd_dispute;

delete from <PegaData>. pc_work;

delete from <PegaData>. pc_assign_worklist;

delete from <PegaData>. pc_assign_workbasket;

delete from <PegaData>. pc_history_work;

delete from <PegaData>. pc_data_workattach;

delete from <PegaData>. pc_index_workparty;

delete from <PegaData>. pc_link_attachment;

delete from <PegaData>. pc_link_folder;

delete from <PegaData>. paf_entry;

delete from <PegaData>. paf_index_workparty;

delete from <PegaData>. pr_assign;

delete from <PegaData>. pr_sys_locks;

delete from <PegaData>. pr_sys_queue_sla;

delete from <PegaData>. pr_sys_queues;

delete from <PegaData>. pr_data;

delete from <PegaData>. pr_link;

delete from <PegaData>. pc_work_social;

delete from <PegaData>. pr_index;

delete from <PegaData>. pr_Index_PegaCard_Sd_FraudRepo;