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This is the "Description" property of type Text.

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Key extension points in the Manage Customer Circumstance Microjourney that are needed to add, capture and review a new circumstance type.  +
Access reference data at real time  +
Describes navigation patterns for creating accessible Repeating Dynamic Layouts.  +
Checklist before filing an accessibility issue  +
A guide to creating and using semantic heading levels in the User Interface  +
Recommendation of accessible helper text options  +
Describes use cases and how to of the customer offer history service  +
Learn how to access website data such as general information, tags, and cookies, when using Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) for Web Messaging  +
Learn how to build a reusable Action Flow template  +
Describes how to add a mainframe application to a robotic automation solution.  +
Adding new properties to PCS entities  +
Adjusting Next-Best-Action catalogue to support changed business priorities  +
Adjusting arbitration to reflect changed business priorities  +
Adjusting arbitration to upweight emergency messages  +
How to analyze and think about idle time in an organization  +
Best practices for creating modular applications that are easy to maintain  +
Applying various types of validations in an application  +
Describes the authentication events written to the security events log and provides guidance for how to interpret and react to the contents contained in the log.  +