Process AI example application

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Process AI example application

Description Process AI example application
Version as of 8.6
Application Pega Platform
Capability/Industry Area Decision Management

Process AI example application[edit]

This application is an example of Process AI.

The application can be downloaded through Pega Marketplace:

Use case examples[edit]

The example use case is claims handling by an insurance company, but this design pattern can be used in many different industries. A Prediction predicts the probability that a claim is fraudulent or erroneous. The probability of the prediction is used to decide which claims can be straight-through-processed.

A predictive model predicting fraud risk that was built by the data scientists at the insurance company is imported into the Prediction using Prediction Studio.

Before you begin[edit]

Ensure you have a Pega Platform instance of version 8.6 or higher, where you can import the example application.

Process/Steps to achieve objective[edit]

The How-To document is part of the Pega Marketplace download.


This example application of Process AI gives an example of how Process AI can be used to optimize a case in a no-code way. It serves as an example for our clients and partners to build their own solutions using Process AI.