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Looking for Design Patterns or something else?[edit]

Browsing the articles, despite all are classified as design patterns, you may have observed that , strictly speaking, design patterns are not there...

It looks like a collection of "How to..." and "Best Practice for...".

It might be argued that Design Patterns are best practices and should show how to do things the right way, but it would be a bad argument.

Not all Best Practices are Design Patterns. Guides and Handbooks also describe how to do things, but they have not necessarily to do with design patterns.

A Design Pattern deals with "Design": it is a piece of design intended to solve some requirements.

It is named "Pattern" because it is a repeatable model: a repeatable design model to satisfy some requirements.

If I can suggest an improvement to help saving time while searching for contents, probably it would be a good idea classify articles in a more effective way "How To...", "Best Practice...", "Design Pattern...", etc.