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thumb text-top Pega Workforce Intelligence™ design patterns share tips and tricks to help clients maximize their Pega Workforce Intelligence implementation.

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Design Patterns
Workforce Intelligence PatternsCapability/Industry AreaDescription
Analyzing idle timeWorkforce IntelligenceHow to analyze and think about idle time in an organization
Best Practice for Workforce Intelligence HierarchyWorkforce IntelligenceHow to build a Workforce Intelligence hierarchy
Calculate Production Focus score using weekly/monthly data exportsWorkforce IntelligenceHow to calculate Production Focus score using weekly/monthly data exports
Center of Excellence health assessmentWorkforce IntelligenceHow to gauge adoption of Workforce Intelligence within an organization
Gaining analyst and associate adoptionWorkforce IntelligenceA sample script and tips for explaining the adoption of Pega Workforce Intelligence to associates and analysts
Timelines across multiple time zonesWorkforce IntelligenceWhat to expect from the timeline view in the portal when data collectors are spread across multiple time zones.
Understanding off-computer codesWorkforce IntelligenceLeveraging off-computer codes to better understand how employees work.
Workforce Intelligence _ Understanding the impact of improvementsWorkforce IntelligenceAssessing the impact of improvements by utilizing data in the Summary screen
Workforce Intelligence - Data ExportsWorkforce IntelligenceThe data export options available from the Analysis tab
Workforce Intelligence APIsWorkforce IntelligenceThe business purpose of the different Workforce Intelligence APIs
Workforce Intelligence Runtime Deployment StrategiesWorkforce IntelligenceDifferent options and strategies for deploying the Workforce Intelligence runtime software