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thumb text-top Pega Infinity™ design patterns share best practices and insights, supporting the developer community to successfully deliver Pega projects.

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Design Patterns
Design PatternsApplicationCapability/Industry AreaDescription
6 Steps to add new circumstance type in Manage Customer Circumstance MicrojourneyCustomer ServiceFinancial ServicesKey extension points in the Manage Customer Circumstance Microjourney that are needed to add, capture and review a new circumstance type.
Accessing a customer’s interaction history with the CustomerOfferHistory REST serviceCustomer Decision HubMarketingDescribes use cases and how to of the customer offer history service
Action Flow TemplateCustomer Decision HubDecision managementLearn how to build a reusable Action Flow template
Adding a mainframe application to a robotic solutionRobotic Process AutomationRobotic AutomationDescribes how to add a mainframe application to a robotic automation solution.
Adding a new enrichment provider that is not yet available in Pega MarketplacePega Foundation for Financial ServicesFinancial ServicesAdd a new enrichment data provider for PFFS
Adobe Campaign Classic integration with Pega Customer Decision HubCustomer Decision Hubfinancial service, communications, insuranceIntegration with Adobe Campaign Classic
Analyzing idle timeWorkforce IntelligenceWorkforce IntelligenceHow to analyze and think about idle time in an organization
Apply validations to ensure data integrityPlatformLow-Code Application DevelopmentApplying various types of validations in an application
Apply validations to ensure data integrityPlatformLow-code app devApplying various types of validations in an application
Authentication in Web ChatbotPlatformConversational ChannelsAuthentication in Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Web Chatbot
Best Practice for Workforce Intelligence HierarchyWorkforce IntelligenceWorkforce IntelligenceHow to build a Workforce Intelligence hierarchy
Best practices for defining case views specific to case typesPlatformCase ManagementBest practices for defining case views specific to case types
Best practices for developing personasPlatformLow-Code Application DevelopmentDeveloping personas
Best practices for implementing high performing Pega Sales Automation applicationsSales AutomationPerformanceImplementing high performing Pega Sales Automation applications
Best practices for importing data in Pega Sales AutomationSales AutomationData importDescribes best practices for importing data in Pega Sales Automation
Best practices for non-functional aspects of the end-user experiencePlatformApplication developmentBest practices for non-functional aspects of the end-user experience
Best practices for using pyAgeFromDatePlatformCase ManagementDefining the correct value for the pyAgeFromDate property
Build for change using App StudioPlatformCase ManagementBuilding applications using App Studio using configuration rather than customization
Building APIsPlatformData IntegrationGuidelines on building Service REST APIs
Building UI with DX API compliancePlatformUser ExperienceBest practices for developing an application interface
Building great dashboardsPlatformOperational Dashboards and ReportingThis document describes best practices for creating dashboards.
Building high performance into your Customer Service applicationsCustomer ServicePerformanceConsiderations and advice for building high-performance Pega Customer Service applications
Business As Usual Process Flow in Operations Manager and CDHCustomer Decision HubBusiness AgilityEnd-to-end process flow for Business As Usual using Operations Manager and Customer Decision Hub
Business OperationsCustomer Decision HubBusiness agilityAn overview of Business Operations
Calculate Production Focus score using weekly/monthly data exportsWorkforce IntelligenceWorkforce IntelligenceHow to calculate Production Focus score using weekly/monthly data exports
Capacity planning for sending and receiving emailPlatformData IntegrationConsiderations when planning to send and receive email on a large scale
Case attachmentsPlatformCase ManagementSetup and use of attachments in a case
Center of Excellence health assessmentWorkforce IntelligenceWorkforce IntelligenceHow to gauge adoption of Workforce Intelligence within an organization
Choosing between a Pega API and a custom APIPlatformData IntegrationFactors to weigh in while choosing between Pega API and strongly typed custom API before building a new REST API
Citrix setup and implementationRobotic Process AutomationRobotic AutomationSetting up and implementing a Citrix environment when creating automations.
Comparing data in a customer journey through Compare UICustomer ServiceCommunicationsBest practices for implementing and using Compare UI
Configuring AD FS and Pega Robot Manager for single sign-onRobotic Process AutomationRobot ManagerTips for configuring Pega Robot Manager for AD FS.
Configuring Asynchronous ProcessingPlatformPerformanceOptions available for implementing parallel processing for better user-experience and increased throughput
Configuring KYC significant flags and controlling flags in CLMClient Lifecycle ManagementFinancial ServicesConfiguring KYC significant flags and controlling flags in CLM
Configuring advanced settings for hierarchical tablesPlatformUser ExperienceGuidelines for setting up advanced capabilities for hierarchical tables
Configuring and Managing logsPlatformSystem AdministrationAn overview of logging tools in Pega Platform
Configuring and extending stages, statuses, and work queuesProduct Composer for HealthcareHealthcareDesign inputs and details for configuring and extending stages, statuses, and work queues
Configuring external authentication for a mobile appPlatformMobileConfiguring authentication for a mobile app by using different protocols and external identity providers.
Configuring lists with local and external dataPlatformData IntegrationConfiguring lists with local and external data
Configuring search for Pega KnowledgeCustomer ServiceKnowledge ManagementInstructions on how to set up the search functionality in Pega Knowledge
Configuring the FS Products That are Available to SellPega Foundation for Financial ServicesFinancial ServicesConfiguring the availability of Financial Services products
Connecting FS products to a System of RecordPega Foundation for Financial ServicesFinancial ServicesHow to connect Financial Services Products to a System of Record
Create Case StagesPlatformCase ManagementWhen to create case stages
Create a Custom Code Group in Pega Foundation for HealthcareFoundation for HealthcareHealthcareLearn how to create code groups to support multi-faceted transactions in Pega Foundation for Healthcare.
Create a Post-Service Appeal in Pega Foundation for Healthcare’s Appeals and Grievances Manager LayerFoundation for HealthcareHealthcareLearn how to create and handle appeals claims in Pega Foundation for Healthcare’s Appeals and Grievances manager layer.
Creating New Entities in PGPPega Government PlatformPublic SectorGuide to adding a new entity to PGP
Creating Pega Knowledge articles and leveraging in Customer ServiceCustomer ServiceKnowledge ManagementSimplify how information and answers are presented to their agents/CSRs
Creating a Self-service application for Pega Customer ServiceCustomer ServiceSelf Service MashupBest practices for creating self-service apps on Pega Customer Service
Creating a new KYC due diligence case in CLMClient Lifecycle ManagementFinancial ServicesCreating a new KYC due diligence case in CLM
Creating a new implementation application on Pega Customer ServiceCustomer ServiceApp Configuration and BehaviorsUnderstand the options presented while running the New Application wizard to make informed choices when building a new implementation application.
Creating a new journey and subjourneys in CLMClient Lifecycle ManagementFinancial ServicesCreate a new journey in CLM and, where relevant, create associated subjourneys.
Creating and extending sequences to customize adjudicationSmart Claims EngineHealthcareDescription and use of sequences in the Smart Claims Engine application.
Creating article tags in Pega KnowledgeCustomer ServiceKnowledge ManagementPega Knowledge article tags
Creating authentication registration for external usersPlatformSecurityBest practices for creating authentication registration for external users
Creating guided event flows using UI patternsSmart Claims EngineHealthcareLearning about the Smart Claims Engine (SCE) guided event resolution flow
Creating new email channels in customer serviceCustomer ServiceInteraction ManagementThe email channel template that is included with Pega Customer Service saves time when you create new email channels.
Creating new event codes for claim adjudicationSmart Claims EngineHealthcareDescribes the pattern behind adding new event codes
Creating new, extending existing and bypassing modulesSmart Claims EngineHealthcareOptimizing modules for the Smart Claims Engine for Healthcare
Creating orchestrations to control claim processingSmart Claims EngineHealthcareDescribes the role of orchestrations and how they can be used for complex processing scenarios
Creating service cases in App Studio by using the service case templateCustomer ServiceCase managementBest practices for creating service cases in App Studio by using the service case template
Creation of due diligence profiles and profile suitesClient Lifecycle ManagementFinancial ServicesCreating due diligence profiles and profile suites
Customer Service methodology for agent interaction and 360 composite data placementCustomer ServiceCustomer Composite / 360Best practices for designing a customer service application
Customizing an application with App StudioPlatformUser ExperienceHow to customize an application using low code tools App Studio
Customizing login and error screensPlatformUser ExperienceUpdating login and error screens to match the context of your application
Data page conversion configurationSmart InvestigateFinancial ServicesDescribes the procedure to implement data page conversion.
Data science tools for Pega Customer Decision HubCustomer Decision HubDecision managementUse external data science tool with Pega Platform
Debugging and validating offline-enabled apps with the JavaScript consolePlatformMobileDebugging and validations for offline-enabled apps with the JavaScript console. Using validation tools helps you to detect of usage unsupported components in Offline.
Define Authorization ModelPlatformSecurityDefining the authorization model.
Defining FS products that will be offeredPega Foundation for Financial ServicesFinancial ServicesDefining a sample financial services product
Defining Pega scenario testsPlatformDevOpsBest practices for defining scenario tests
Defining and applying case statusesPlatformCase ManagementDefining case statuses
Defining case dependencies at run timePlatformCase ManagementGuidelines for successful definition of case dependencies at run time
Deploy a Public Facing ApplicationPlatformSecurityDeploying a public facing application
Design templates: customization and optimization with helper classesPlatformUser ExperienceCustomization guidelines for design templates with the use of CSS helper classes
Designing Pega unit testsPlatformLow-Code Application DevelopmentBest practices for designing Pega unit tests
Detecting duplicate casesPlatformCase ManagementConfiguring the Search Duplicate Cases tool in Pega Platform
Digital Messaging Channels and AuthenticationPlatformConversational ChannelsAuthenticate the identity of a customer being serviced via a digital messaging channel.
Documents and attachments - Ingesting docs, extracting data, and populating casesPlatformData IntegrationLearn more about how to handle documents and attachments, and how to extract their data into your cases
Duplicate search functionality in Smart InvestigateSmart InvestigateFinancial ServicesSave time by identifying duplicate cases in your application using the duplicate search functionality.
Edit Queue processors and Agents to set up a systemPlatformLow-Code Application DevelopmentEditing queue processors and agents to optimize setting up a system
Edit Telephony Integration with Pega Customer ServiceCustomer ServicePega CallEditing Telephony Integration with Pega Customer Service
Editing Best Practices - Building a Taxonomy for Pega KnowledgeCustomer ServiceKnowledge ManagementBuilding Taxonomies for Pega Knowledge Editorial Best Practices
Editing Creating Guided TroubleshootersCustomer ServiceKnowledge ManagementGuided Troubleshooting Editorial Best Practices
Editing file listener vs queuingPlatformData integrationBest practices for modifying the external system data intake process by editing the file listener and queuing
Efficient wrap-up of Customer Service interactionsCustomer ServiceInteraction ManagementUsing the interaction wrap-up feature.
Enabling service cases to smartly extract content from images using Pega NLP and Google VisionCustomer ServiceCommunicationsExtract text from photos using Pega NLP and Google Vision
Enabling verbose-level Runtime loggingRobotic Process AutomationRobotic AutomationHow to implement verbose-level logging to diagnose issues in Runtime
Establish parent-child relationships on case types at run timePlatformCase ManagementUse case for establishing parent-child relationships on case types at run time
Extend Add Child Dependent MicrojourneyCustomer ServiceHealthcareLearn how to extend the Add Child Dependent Microjourney
Extending View Benefits MicrojourneyCustomer ServiceHealthcareLearn how to extend View Benefits Microjourney.
Extending coverage data to leverage inheritanceProduct Composer for HealthcareHealthcareDetails for extending coverage data in PCS
Extending portals to enhance the claims processing experienceOther Industry-Specific ApplicationHealthcareConcepts and considerations for extending claim processing portals.
Extending processing flows with action codes.Smart Claims EngineHealthcareGuidelines for extending processing flows by using action codes
Extending real-time container requestCustomer Decision HubCross-sell and upsell on digitalExtend the real-time container payload so an external application can pass additional input.
Extending the Prior Authorization request MicrojourneyCare ManagementHealthcareIdentify and add extension points in the Prior Authorization request Microjourney
Extending the policy selection and payment information in the Make Payment Microjourney for Pega Customer Service for InsuranceCustomer ServiceInsuranceSteps for extending the Make Payment Microjourney with new policy selection and payment information options
Extensions in "Bill Search" featureCustomer ServiceCommunicationsDifferent extension points are available in the Bill Search feature.
External Data ValidationPlatformData IntegrationUsing external data in a Pega application
Extracting data for reporting, QC, and downstream integrationProduct Composer for HealthcareHealthcareDesign inputs for extracting data for reporting, QC, and downstream integration
Gaining analyst and associate adoptionWorkforce IntelligenceWorkforce IntelligenceA sample script and tips for explaining the adoption of Pega Workforce Intelligence to associates and analysts
Handling class mapping limitationsRobotic Process AutomationRobot ManagerDescribes how to modify class mappings to adhere to the 30-character limit after upgrading to Robot Manager 8.5 in an Oracle environment 8.5 Robotic Process Automation.
Handling spacing in sections created using design templatesPlatformUser InterfaceLimiting unnecessary empty space in sections that are based on design templates
How is OCR used in Pega Robotic Automation?Robotic Process AutomationRobotic AutomationDescribes how the OCR and PDF components are used when creating robotic automations.
How to add advanced PDF search in a customer journeyCustomer ServiceCommunicationsSearch the content of PDF documents and present the results to users
How to add payment method options to your customer journeyCustomer ServiceCommunications/AllExplores the reusable payment method components in customer service that can be added to any service case to quickly enable the payment method option in a customer journey.
How to configure and express actionCustomer ServiceCustomer Composite / 360Configuring an express action
Identify Case TypesPlatformCase ManagementIdentifying the case types for an application.
Implement Portal Search in Customer ServiceCustomer ServiceSearchCreate and customize searches in the Pega Customer Service portal.
Implementing DocuSign in Customer Service for InsuranceCustomer ServiceInsuranceKey extension points in implementing DocuSign in Pega Customer Service for Insurance
Implementing and using product and plan flattening featureProduct Composer for HealthcareHealthcareDetails about implementing and using the product and plan flattening feature in PCS
Implementing error handling for new and existing modulesSmart Claims EngineHealthcareImplementing error handling for new and existing modules
Implementing search for current and history claimsSmart Claims EngineClaims SearchConfiguring search fields in Pega Smart Claims Engine
Implementing the OOTB Insurance Submission Quality ScorePega Foundation for InsuranceInsuranceUnderwriting submission quality score radar chart
Implementing the Summary of Benefits and coverage (SBC) featureProduct Composer for HealthcareHealthcareImplementing the Summary of Benefits and coverage (SBC) feature
Implementing versioningProduct Composer for HealthcareHealthcareDesign inputs while implementing versioning in PCS
Importing and Exporting Data in the Pega Customer Decision HubCustomer Decision HubData managementLearn how to import and export data to and from Pega Customer Decision Hub.
Importing and exporting actionsCustomer Decision HubDecision managementLearn how to create or update actions through file export and import
Importing external certificates into a Pega KeystorePlatformSecurityhow to import external certificates into a Pega Keystore
Improve Sales rep productivity by integrating Pega Sales Automation with Gmail extensionSales AutomationSales AutomationLearn how to improve sales reps' productivity by integrating Pega Sales Automation with the Gmail extension
Improve Sales rep productivity by integrating Pega Sales Automation with the Outlook Add-inSales AutomationSales AutomationLearn how to improve sales reps' productivity by integrating Pega Sales Automation with the Outlook Add-in
Improve the sales rep productivity by using the Microsoft Exchange sync technology in Pega Sales AutomationSales AutomationSales AutomationLearn about the different MS Exchange synchronization capabilities within Pega Sales Automation.
Improving sales rep productivity in Pega Sales Automation by analyzing email conversationsSales AutomationSales AutomationUse the natural language processing (NLP) capabilities of Pega Sales Automation to provide intelligent suggestions to sales reps
Improving the user experience of chatbotsPlatformConversational ChannelsAdvanced Configuration for Intelligent Virtual Assistants
Intake and Resolution Email Templates in Customer Service for Financial ServicesCustomer ServiceFinancial ServicesThe rules and components of the new email templates introduced in Pega Customer Service for Financial Services 8.5
Integrating Google Cloud VisionPlatformData IntegrationIntegrating Google Cloud Vision into Pega using native Data Pages, Connect-REST, and declarative properties
Integrating Industry Applications with Pega Customer ServicePGP, CSPublic SectorIntegrating Industry Applications with Pega Customer Service
Integrating PowerBI and QlikView reportsPlatformUser InterfaceEmbedding external web-based BI/analytic tools such as PowerBI and QlikView into a user's dashboard
Integrating unit tests into build tools and JenkinsPlatformDevOpsGuidelines on integrating Pega unit tests and scenario tests into build tools and Jenkins
Intelligent Guidance - Suggested Task ReviewsCustomer ServiceIntelligent GuidanceProviding proactive interaction guidance for CSR's
Intelligent guidance - Dialog, Coaching tips and AlertsCustomer ServiceIntelligent GuidanceBest practices for creating dialogs, tips, and alerts for CSRs.
Intent Task, Category, Data Source and DriverCustomer ServiceInteraction ManagementRelationships between rule types in Pega Customer Service
Interaction Portal UX and upgrades - what can I change?Customer ServiceStrategic AppsUI and UX guidelines for Pega Customer Service 8.5
Interactions vs Service casesCustomer ServiceInteraction managementThe differences between interactions and service cases and advice on how to handle them
Large-scale batch processingPlatformSystem AdministrationGuidelines for successful batch processing
Launching service cases from the composite screenCustomer ServiceCase ManagementInstructions on how to launch a service case from the composite screen
Lead routing in Sales AutomationSales AutomationSales AutomationDescribes automated lead routing
Leverage PGP from Customer ServicePGPPublic SectorBuilding a PGP Implementation Stack with Customer Service
Limiting the visibility of sensitive data items through attribute-based access control (ABAC)Pega Government PlatformPublic SectorLearn how to limit the visibility of sensitive data items through attribute-based access control (ABAC), based on a set of examples.
Maintaining Robot Manager History Tables for Robot Manager V8.3.1 and earlierRobotic Process AutomationRobot ManagerDescribes how to manage history data in Robot Manager to prevent system issues.
Managing priority or urgencyPlatformCase ManagementUse urgency to standardize how case workers resolve cases.
Mapping Standard Claim ID to Case Filing Claim IDSmart Disputes for Issuers & AcquirersFinancial ServicesMap Standard Claim IDs to Case Filing Claim IDs
Member data type in Pega Customer Service for HealthcareCustomer ServiceHealthcareLearn how you can capture consumer data in Pega Customer Service for Healthcare with the Member data type
Microjourneys, personas, and dataPlatformLow-Code Application DevelopmentDefining Microjourneys, personas, and data in terms of best practices for successful case design
Minimizing a modal window built on the OOTB templatePlatformUser InterfaceAdd an option to minimize a modal window
Offline validation tools - client store contentPlatformMobileDescribed tools give apps developer possibility to see the offline apps database content on the device.
Optimize an application's performancePlatformLow-Code Application DevelopmentTesting and tuning an application during its application lifecycle to optimize performance.
Optimizing performance tuning data processing through retrieval and indexingOther Industry-Specific ApplicationHealthcareGuidelines on retrieving and indexing application data for faster processing
PGP Option MapPlatformPublic SectorDriving UI with Local Data
Pega IVR IVA integration with AWSCustomer ServiceIVR IVAPega IVR IVA integration with AWS
Pega Infinity Development Best PracticesPlatformGenericGuidelines for Pega Platform developers to create efficient, sustainable, and guardrail-compliant applications
Pega Infinity deployment guidancePlatformGenericBest practices for Pega Infinity deployments
Performance checklistCustomer Service, Frameworks, Application developmentPerformanceA performance checklist to make performant solutions by using Pega Platform
Persona-specific portal configurationPlatformUser ExperienceConfigure portal access by personas and permissions
Planning your Pega Customer Decision Hub environmentsCustomer Decision HubImplementationEstablish and size your environments for Pega Customer Decision Hub
Pre-emptively notify benefit issuesCustomer ServiceHealthcareLearn how to use data flows
Preventing circular dependency references in a hierarchical treePlatformValidationsPerforming validation to optimize hierarchical tree set up
Processing Fraud Claims in backgroundSmart Dispute for IssuersFinancial ServicesSetting up Claim Processing in background to reduce operator idle time
Processing Mastercard queuesSmart Dispute for Issuers & AcquirersFinancial ServicesDescribes the process and configuration of Mastercard queues using Pega Agents
Processing Visa Queue using Pega AgentsSmart Dispute for Issuers & AcquirersFinancial ServicesDefining the process of handling Visa Batch Queue records using Pega Agents
Queuing and routing customer requests in Pega ChatCustomer ServiceChat and MessagingRecommendations for balancing chat queues and agent workloads.
Reopening a casePlatformCase ManagementReopening a case after it has been marked as Resolved
Resetting Smart Dispute dataSmart DisputeFinancial ServicesScript to reset work object and related data
Seamless experience across Digital Messaging channelsPlatformConversational ChannelsAchieve a seamless experience across Digital Messaging channels by following guidelines and performing several configuration steps in your system.
Search configuration and extensionProduct Composer for HealthcareHealthcareSearch configuration and extension
Securing persona-based accessPlatformSecurityBest practices to follow when setting up an application and allowing certain personas to access certain information.
Sending automated emails using new case template frameworkCustomer ServiceService Cases / TasksBest practices for outbound case emails
Setting the application perspective to payer or provider in Care ManagementCare ManagementHealthcareCustomizing data collection for various healthcare uses.
Setting the configuration when building an implementation layerCare ManagementHealthcareInstructions for updating the configuration page in Pega Care Management
Setting up Operatory Security record in Smart InvestigateSmart InvestigateFinancial ServicesDescribes the procedure to set access restriction for users in Smart Investigate
Setting up Pega ChatCustomer ServiceChat and MessagingSuggestions for setting up Pega Chat to handle various customer interactions.
Setting up Visa Financials AccountingSmart Dispute for IssuersFinancial ServicesDefining the process of leveraging Visa Financials and Handling Exchange Rate gains/losses
Setting up customers in Pega Sales Automation for B2B selling modesSales AutomationSales AutomationInstructions for configuring customers in Pega Sales Automation for the B2B selling mode
Setting up customers in Pega Sales Automation for B2C selling modesSales AutomationSales AutomationInstructions for configuring customers in Pega Sales Automation for the B2C selling mode
Styling a Search boxPlatformUser ExperienceStyle a search box to look like standard search boxes
Surfacing Dev Studio in App StudioPlatformLow-Code Application DevelopmentUsing Dev Studio to develop application functionality in App Studio
Timelines across multiple time zonesWorkforce IntelligenceWorkforce IntelligenceWhat to expect from the timeline view in the portal when data collectors are spread across multiple time zones.
Troubleshooting NLPPlatformCustomer ServiceTroubleshooting NLP issues - so that customers can self service NLP issues before reaching GCS.
Types of robotic automationsRobotic Process AutomationRobotic AutomationLearn about the two types of automations that you can create with Pega RPA.
Unattended vs. Attended robots: Which robot to use?Robotic Process AutomationRobotic AutomationHow to decide if you should use an attended or unattended robot when designing your automation.
Understanding RxNorm drug databaseFoundation for HealthcareHealthcareA brief introduction to the RxNorm drug database, and the Pega Foundation for Healthcare's RxNorm search and display feature.
Understanding off-computer codesWorkforce IntelligenceWorkforce IntelligenceLeveraging off-computer codes to better understand how employees work.
Understanding the Medical Dictionary for Regulatory ActivitiesFoundation for HealthcareHealthcareThe Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities, or MedDRA is an international system of medical codes and terminology used to help manage regulatory approval processes.
Unifying ID across all case typesPlatformCase ManagementUnifying ID across all case types
Using Citrix ContextsRobotic Process AutomationRobotic AutomationLearn how to create robotic automations that run in a Citrix context.
Using an Enrichment or Screening Marketplace ComponentPega Foundation for Financial ServicesFinancial ServicesExplores a unified approach to creating and extending integrations for Financial Services applications.
Using email bots for Natural Language Processing and Machine LearningPlatformConversational ChannelsUsing Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to optimize email bots
Using participants in casesPlatformCase ManagementHow to use participants (parties) in cases effectively in Pega Platform from 8.x
Using special operators in ABAC READ policy conditionsPlatformDevOpsPerformance remediation options for ABAC READ policy conditions that use special operators.
Using the Microsoft Excel connectorsRobotic Process AutomationRobotic AutomationChoosing a connector when automating Microsoft Excel or manipulating Excel files.
Using the Pega API (DX API)PlatformUser ExperienceGuidelines for developing an application interface
Using the Pega Product Catalog for Communications for sales journeysCustomer ServiceNew Mobile Service Sales MicrojourneyHow to create the required product data in the Pega Product Catalog for Communications
Using third-party testing tools with your Pega applicationPlatformDevOpsAn overview of the testing tools that can be used with your Pega application
Visa fraud monitoringSmart Dispute for Issuers and AcquirersFinancial ServicesConfigurations of Visa fraud monitoring process
When to use a dynamic casePlatformCase ManagementDeciding when to use a dynamic case
When to use a sub-casePlatformCase ManagementWhen to use a sub-case to assist with processing work
When to use sub-processesPlatformCase ManagementDeciding when to use a sub-process
Workforce Intelligence _ Understanding the impact of improvementsWorkforce IntelligenceWorkforce IntelligenceAssessing the impact of improvements by utilizing data in the Summary screen
Workforce Intelligence - Data ExportsWorkforce IntelligenceWorkforce IntelligenceThe data export options available from the Analysis tab
Workforce Intelligence APIsWorkforce IntelligenceWorkforce IntelligenceThe business purpose of the different Workforce Intelligence APIs
Workforce Intelligence Runtime Deployment StrategiesWorkforce IntelligenceWorkforce IntelligenceDifferent options and strategies for deploying the Workforce Intelligence runtime software