PFFS: Reusability of existing org charts to Operating Structure

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PFFS: Reusability of existing org charts to Operating Structure

Description Ability to reuse org charts created by other methods in Operating Structure landing page
Version as of 8.7
Application Pega Foundation for Financial Services
Capability/Industry Area Financial Services


The target operating model (T.O.M) is enhanced to reuse the existing Organizational charts which are created either through New Application Wizard or Organization landing page. The user must convert the organizational chart in order to use it as 'Operating Structure'. The Convert button is available on header of the Operating Structure landing page.

Traditional methods of creating an Org chart (OOTB)

Possible ways of creating Org charts in an application during implementation layer are

  1. Go to Application > New Application
  2. Go to Configure > Org & Security > Organization > Organizational Chart

When the Org charts along with units/ divisions are created by either of the methods listed above, during CLM implementation at client side, all these artefacts can now be reused as-is in Operating Structure. As Operating structure feature is tightly coupled with the CLM onboarding cases, clients can reuse the Org related artefacts without the need of manual deletion and recreating them in Operating Structure Landing page.

For more details on the operating structure, please refer this WIKI article.

How to reuse the existing Organizational Charts?

There are two steps to achieve this objective.

  • Convert the Organizational chart to Operating Structure
  • Import the existing org units

How to convert the Org chart to Operating Structure?

  1. Go to Operating Structure landing page.
  2. Select the desired organization from the drop-down "View Operating Structure for".
  3. Click on Convert button. You will be prompted to enter the fields such as 'Top level class', 'Calendar', 'Currency' in Convert org chart modal.
  4. Click Submit. The Org chart is now converted to Operating Structure and can be reused further to extend it. You may also notice that the Org divisions/units/sub-units which were created for this Org chart would also appear in the Organizational chart tab.
  5. Go to Taxonomy tab to define the various business segment according to your institutional requirements.

How to import the Org units/ divisions to Operating Structure?

  1. Post setting up the taxonomy, go to Organizational chart tab for importing the Org divisions/units/sub-units.
  2. Click on Update link to map the org divisions/units/sub-units to financial business segments that were created in the Taxonomy tab.
  3. Map the values to desired financial business segment and


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