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Design patterns share best practices for what a user should look for and understand when they are implementing functionality in Pega.

This page shows design patterns that have not yet been approved.

 ApplicationsDescriptionCapability AreaVersion
Data externalizationData externalization for maintaining light-weight objects
Editing TestTest
How to use DFA RegulationsLearn how Pega CLM uses a KYC Questionnaire to help financial institutions handling Dodd-Frank obligations.
Interaction Portal UX and updates - what can I change?UI and UX guidelines for Pega Customer Service 8.5
Manage data instances during an updateManage data instances during an update
The Prescriptive Application Release Life CycleThe prescriptive process for managing the application release life cycle
Routing in screen flowsReassigning a screen flow
Setting up a new design patternBest practices
Using Pega Case Management Edition with the React Starter PackLearn how to render a Customer Service case in an external desktop by using Pega's Digital Experience APIs with React Starter Pack