Motivate and coach your sales reps by setting and tracking their goals

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Motivate and coach your sales reps by setting and tracking their goals

Description Setting up of Sales Goals and Timelines. Also captures ways to measure individual rep's performance against team's performance.
Version as of 8.5
Application Pega Sales Automation
Capability/Industry Area Sales Automation


This article captures best practices for motivating and coaching sales reps by using the Pega Sales Coach. Pega Sales Coach uses AI-driven, self-learning adaptive models to evaluate sales representative performance. It also suggests real-time coaching plans to the sales managers who can then discuss the plan with sales reps and track its progress.

Identify underperforming sales reps[edit]

Pega Sales Coach delivers insights about underperforming sales reps to sales managers. Sales Coach analyzes more than 50 distant, configurable predictors, for example, Opportunity pipeline, Number of leads, or Customer interactions created which sales representatives take each day and create a sales representative effectiveness score and coaching plans. The system calculates the sales representative effectiveness score by using the adaptive model. The result being the effectiveness of each sales representative is displayed in the Sales manager coach widget against the optimal score. The widget is available on the sales manager’s dashboard.

An example Sales coach analysis presenting underperforming sales reps

For more information about predictors and how sales coach works, see Artificial intelligence-based sales coach.

Improve the performance of underperforming reps with sales coach[edit]

Sales coach sends weekly recommendations to the managers about each sales rep’s performance. To identify the recommended plans, as a sales manager, you  can use coaching plans in the Coaching plans widget and suggest, for example, to increase the pipeline amount in the Proposal stage, increase the number of unique opportunities in the Qualification stage.

Coaching plans widget example suggestions

Sales managers review each time-bound and tailored coaching plan suggested by the sales coach for underperforming reps and then decide whether they want to use the recommendations to improve sales rep’s performance or ignore these recommendations. The pursued plan can be assigned to the corresponding representative with a follow-up date.

Sales managers and representatives can collaborate in real time and discuss the progress using Pulse.

After the follow up meeting, sales coach monitors the status of the recommended plan and provides sales managers with status updates. Based on the status, sales managers can either continue coaching with a new follow-up date or complete the plan.