Maintaining Robot Manager History Tables for Robot Manager V8.3.1 and earlier

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Maintaining Robot Manager History Tables for Robot Manager V8.3.1 and earlier

Description Describes how to manage history data in Robot Manager to prevent system issues.
Version as of 8.3.1
Application Pega Robotic Process Automation
Capability/Industry Area Robot Manager

This content is being retired in the next few months. Please use our documentation site to find information you may need.


Robot Manager v8.3.1 and earlier you need to manually maintain the robot operator work history in an environment. If the maintenance is not performed on an environment, overtime it will lead to significant slowness while interacting with Robot Manager Dashboard and increase in completion time of robotic API service call like the registration, and heartbeat.

In v8.4 and later of Robot Manager has an out-of-the-box scheduled job that will perform the maintenance periodically in the background. Therefore, this process can be ignored for those versions.

NOTE: This is only true for an environment using Robot Runtime in RPA mode. The history tables don’t grow exponentially for an RDA Robot Runtime environment that would be a cause of concern.

Classname (pxobjclass) Table Purpose
History-Data-Robot-Automations pr_data_robot_automation_audit Automation work history
History-Data-Robot-Events pr_data_robot_event_audit Robot audit history
History-Data-Admin-Operator-ID pr_history_data Robot and RPA Service operator heartbeat calls history

Run the following command to check the count of rows for each of the table:


If an environment uses Pega Diagnostics Cloud (PDC) the table information can be retrieved from the Database tab.

Cleaning up the Robot Manager history tables

You can maintain the Robot Manager history through the following means:

  • Run the out-of-the-box activities periodically through a background agent/job scheduler.
  • Run a backend database job that periodically purges/archives the table based on their use case.

Out-of-the-box activities that run through background agent/job scheduler

pxArchiveRobotAutomations (ClassName: History-Data-Robot-Automations)

Moves the automation history of a robot from pr_data_robot_automation_audit  to pr_data_robot_automation_audit_archive table

pxArchiveRobotEvents (ClassName: History-Data-Robot-Events)

Moves the robot audit rows from pr_data_robot_event_audit to pr_data_robot_event_audit_archive table

pxPurgeRobotOperatorHistory (ClassName: History-Data-Admin-Operator-ID)

Deletes the robot operator history from the pr_history_data table

Archived data are moved to a different table, so the information is not actively fetched by Robot Manager interaction.

Information on creating the job scheduler task and background agent is available on Pega Community.

Backend Database Job

Schedule a backend database job with assistance from the DBA that identifies the rows to be purged based on the business requirement.