Intent Task, Category, Data Source and Interaction Driver

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Intent Task, Category, Data Source and Interaction Driver

Description Relationships between rule types in Pega Customer Service
Version as of 8.5
Application Pega Customer Service
Capability/Industry Area Interaction Management

This article describes the relationship between the following rule types in Pega Customer Service: Intent Task, Category, Data Source and Interaction Driver.

Intent Task rules are custom rules in Pega Customer Service that are used to configure the launch of a service process. Intent Tasks are associated with a Category, and a Category is the grouping for Intent Tasks.

Categories are associated with a Data Source. The mapping between a Category and a Data Source is done in the Interaction Driver rule. The Interaction Driver defines the relationship between the Category and the Data Source, along with the When condition that determines when the Category will be displayed and the behavior of the Category.

A Data Source is a placeholder that points to a source of data. A Data Source can either be a data page or a clipboard page. The class in which an intent task is created is the class to which the Data Source points.

The following figure shows an example of the relationship between these rule types based on the Interaction Driver rule in PegaCA-Work-Interaction:


Account Category is associated with the account data source. The account data source is sourced from a page that belongs to the PegaCA-Interface-Account class .


An intent task that is created in the PegaCA-Interface-Account class gets associated with the category to which the account Data Source is mapped in the Interaction Driver rule, which in this case is Account Category.

CAMakePayment is an intent task created in the class PegaCA-Interface-Account, as shown in the following figure:


When we click Add Task in the Interaction Portal, we see the Intent Task for Make Payment in the Account category:


For more information, see "Interaction types, driver categories, and tasks" in Interaction channels.