Importing and exporting actions

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Importing and exporting actions

Description Learn how to create or update actions through file export and import
Version as of 8.5
Application Pega Customer Decision Hub
Capability/Industry Area Next Best Action

Actions can be created, removed or updated in the application through importing a csv file, as well as manually.

Use case examples

Actions contain the metadata required by decisioning strategies to implement the business rules and presenting an offer in a specific channel. Business users are responsible for maintaining these data in order to ensure the action decisions are executed correctly and the customers receive the most relevant actions.

In a mature client Pega Customer Decision Hub (CDH) solution, it is commonplace to evidence many hundreds of actions to be able to address the business objectives. Manually maintaining such high numbers of actions is both time-consuming and prone to human error. For such reasons, it is a common best practice to maintain the actions through a file import to the application.

Before you begin

A crucial aspect of exporting and importing the actions is being aware that the file export or import can only be done specifically for each business issue and group in the taxonomy. Therefore, before creating any action, the business structure in the Next-Best-Action Designer must be created with at least one business issue and group defined in the taxonomy. Remember that each business issue and group can consist of different sets of metadata; as a result, the file template to import the actions can be different.

For more information, see Next-Best-Action Designer Taxonomy

Creating or updating an action

Creating or updating actions can be done through the Actions landing page in Pega Customer Decision Hub. The Create actions from file modal window opens up following the selection of Actions from file option on the Create button of the Actions landing page. For more information, see Importing and exporting actions.

For creating a new action in the application, it is useful to export the csv template that involves the metadata the actions contain. The export file template can be downloaded by selecting the desired business issue and group on the Create actions from file modal window. Once the csv template is exported, this file can be updated with the actions to be created together with the metadata they have. After the csv file is updated with the actions to be created, it can be imported to the business issue and group for which the csv template was downloaded initially.

For updating any existing action, Export csv file link is present for each business issue and group on the Actions landing page where a csv file can be exported that contains the existing actions and metadata. This file can be imported back after the modifications are done on the actions. Updating of existing actions will use the pyName property of an action for matching the actions in the import file and the application.

Create actions from file

Deleting actions

The existing actions in the application can be deleted by selecting the Delete actions that are not in the file option before progressing with the import action on the Create actions from file modal window.


The number of actions that are successfully added, updated or deleted, together with any errors occurred are presented on the modal window following the import operation. After finishing the import, the Actions landing page has to be refreshed for the changes to appear.