Implementing DocuSign in Pega Customer Service for Insurance

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Description Key extension points in implementing DocuSign in Pega Customer Service for Insurance
Version as of 8.5
Application Customer Service
Capability/Industry Area Insurance

Integrate DocuSign with your Pega Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application to electronically sign documents, instead of the customer service representative (CSR) having to manually print, sign, and scan documents back into your system. Signatures can be collected during case processing and once a signed document is available, it is automatically attached to the case and the case progresses to the next step.

Before you begin[edit]

To integrate your CRM application with DocuSign, you must have a DocuSign account. See Integrating DocuSign with Pega Platform for more information on creating a DocuSign account, preparing a request for DocuSign, and configuring your response notifications.

Key extension points in Customer Service for Insurance[edit]

Step 1: Enable DocuSign[edit]

Extend the InsServInterfaceLayerSettings data transform of the PegaIns-Serv-Admin-ApplicationSetting class, and update the Cloud property to True. If set to True, integration with DocuSign is enabled. If not set to True, a CSR is added with an additional step to manually attach the signed document.

Step 2: Configure flow to add DocuSign shape[edit]

Use the following extensions to configure the flow in the desired step of the case:

Rule name Rule type Description
IsDocusignOn When If this returns true, integration with DocuSign is enabled.

Otherwise, the CSR has to manually attach the signed document.

AttachContent Flow action If IsDocuSignOn returns false, this flow action can be used to allow CSRs to manually attach a document.
WaitingForDocuSign Flow action If IsDocuSignOn returns true, add a DocuSign smart shape followed by this flow action to force the case to wait before progressing to the next step.
SendFormsForLifePolicy Flow This flow can be used for any case extending from PegaIns-Serv-Work-Life class for all above mentioned required logic to send a Document via DocuSign.

Step 3: Add document template for customers to sign the document[edit]

Add the GenerateAndAttachEForm data transform before invoking DocuSign (for example, refer the SendFormsForLifePolicy flow). This rule is used when generating the file using the EForm File and attaches the file to the case.

The GenerateAndAttachEForm data transform has the following parameters:

  • MapPurpose - Name of the EForm File rule. EForm File rules hold uploaded PDF form files that are used as templates when generating new PDF documents.
  • Filename - Name of the attachment linked to the case.
  • Note - Description of the attachment.

Step 4: Prepare the envelope for DocuSign[edit]

Prepare the DocuSign envelope that contains the information that is required to make a successful signature request to DocuSign.

Rule name Rule type Description
pyPrepareNewEnvelope Data transform Used to prepare the request envelope and holds the information required for a successful signature.
pySetEnvelopeCredentials Data transform Referenced in the pyPrepareNewEnvelope rule. Update this rule with your DocuSign account details.
pyAssignRecipientsToEnvelope Data transform Referenced in the pyPrepareNewEnvelope rule. Used to define recipients for your documents, optional SMS, email authentication of the recipient, signature information, and so on.
SetDocusignParameters Data transform Used to update the pySignHereTabs page to indicate interaction points in your document where customer signature is required.

Step 5: Progress the step when signed document is received[edit]

Configure DocuSign to notify your CRM application when a DocuSign document is signed by all the recipients. When you receive this notification, the case automatically progresses to the next step. To do this, extend the ResumeFlowFromDocuSign data transform to set the required parameters.

Update the DocuSignService service package to access to the updated ResumeFlowFromDocuSign rule.