How to configure and express action

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How to configure and express action

Description Configuring an express action
Version as of 8.1
Application Pega Customer Service
Capability/Industry Area Customer Composite / 360

Configuring an express action

Pega Customer Service application composites consist of various options to launch service cases on various controls such as buttons, links, icons, etc. Users can launch a case from the composite on a click of a configured control; the ability to launch a case using these controls is a Pega Customer Service feature called "express action". You can easily configure the express actions for any of the attributes in an account composite from Dev Studio or App Studio. To be able to use App Studio to configure express actions, as a prerequisite the operator must have Dev Studio access.

In this article, we will see how we can configure an express action using App Studio. You can follow the following steps on any of the controls, such as a button, link, or icon, based on your requirement to configure the express action (launch the case).

To configure an express action:

  1. Open App Studio by logging in to Customer Service application with your administrator credentials.
  2. In App Studio, launch an Interaction Portal.
  3. Start an interaction. If you are using a sample application which has been included with your version of Customer Service, you can use one of the Demo Screen pops (Click + New > Demo Screen Pops > select one).
  4. Go to the section of the composite to update. The example in the image below shows edits to a section named Account owner in a composite tab named Account.
  5. Click the Toggle design mode icon.
    The image above shows design mode in App Studio. Your composites may be different than those shown here.
  6. To edit the fields of the section, click the section, highlight the field that you want to edit, and then click the Edit this field icon.
  7. In the Action set 1 group, enter the Class name of the service process, for example, PegaCA-Work-AddressChange; or you can use Dynamic class referencing (as mentioned in screenshot above).
    The image above shows what can be edited in an Action Set.
  8. Enter the Flow name associated with the service process, for example, pyStartCase.
  9. Update the required fields in the right corner of the page and click Apply.
  10. To revert the changes that you made, click Undo.