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Routing, routing
The process of assigning tasks in a business process to an individual or group of individuals who are the most capable of completing those tasks.

For example, when creating an expense report, an employee creates the report, a manager approves it, and a payroll employee then sends the payment. To process employee compensation payments, you can route the task to the work queue of the payroll team, in which any member of that team can access, select, and process the work item.

If you need a specific person to work on the assignment, you can route the assignment to a work list. For example, when a human resource manager needs to approve employee time off requests, you can route the assignment to the worklist of the human resources manager.

If you need a person with a particular skill set to work on the assignment, you can route the assignment using business logic to a skilled group by defining a specific condition. For example, in an automobile quote request, a prospective customer fills in a form and selects an Electric vehicle check box. The request is then routed to the electric car insurance underwriters work queue, members of which specialize in electric cars.