Glossary:Robotic Processing

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Robotic Processing, robotic processing
The use of software robots, or "bots", to perform repetitive tasks for you. Depending on your needs, these robots can either operate with (attended) or without (unattended) human interaction. For example, for handling customer calls, you could create an attended robot that prompts the employee to enter the customer’s account number and then retrieves all pertinent information about the client, including information from multiple software applications. If the employee changes any of the customer’s information during the call, the robot could then automatically apply those changes everywhere.

You can also create unattended robots that process transactions from a queue during non-work hours.

In addition to performing tasks much quicker, the use of robots to perform everyday tasks minimizes the chance of mistakes by ensuring that tasks are completed in a standardized manner. Robots can perform the mundane and repetitive tasks for you, so that you can concentrate on more important issues.