Glossary:Opportunity tag

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opportunity tags
A label that indicates the default opportunity types.

The following table lists the default opportunity types that are available:

Tag Description
Central Indicates applications or screens visited after exiting a central application.
Error Indicates the receipt of error messages that you should investigate.
IM Indicates excessive use of instant messaging applications.
Knowledge_Base Indicates excessive use of the knowledge base.
Legacy Indicates how much time is spent in applications that you are replacing or considering replacing.
Logon Indicates an opportunity to implement Assisted Sign-On.
Noise Indicates applications, screens, or webpages that the system omits from sequence and set-based opportunities, like Central.
Notes Indicates an opportunity to implement automatically generated notes.

The Virtual_Desktop tag does not indicate an opportunity, but it is listed with the opportunity tags on the Application Administration tab. Use this tag to tell the system that an application is a virtual machine, so that the system counts it correctly.