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Decision Table, decision table
A table that consists of one or more rows that contain test conditions and a result to return. Evaluation proceeds from top to bottom; when the conditions in all cells in a row are true, the result of that row is returned. If no row returns a value, the table provides the Otherwise row result. Decision tables are instances of the Rule-Declare-DecisionTable class.

For example, the following decision table might help softball league authorities decide whether to hold a playoff game based on the weather. Players do not want to play when it is sunny and humid or when it is rainy and windy, but they are likely to play under other conditions.

Decision table example
Outlook Humidity Windy Outcome (play game?)
Sunny High N/A No
Sunny Normal N/A Yes
Overcast N/A N/A Yes
Rainy N/A Yes No
Rainy N/A No Yes