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case type
A template for a case in an application.

Case types are composed of the following core elements:

  • Stages: The milestones within a Microjourney™ that lead towards an outcome. A case type is typically composed of three to seven stages and guides the business to best organize their Microjourneys.
    • Processes: The actions that are taken during a stage. These actions may be taken in parallel or one after another. Processes can include the following types of steps:
      • Assignments: Actions which require human involvement in order to progress.
      • Automations: Actions which do not require human involvement but can instead be done programmatically.
      • Decisions: Branches in the process that are based on data that is captured in the case.
      • Sub-processes: Promotes reuse of standard work processes as well as processes defined against embedded data objects.
  • Data: The information that is captured during the lifecycle of the case.
  • Personas: The roles or people who interact with the case at various points throughout the case lifecycle.