Extensions in "Bill Search" feature

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Extensions in "Bill Search" feature

Description Different extension points are available in the Bill Search feature.
Version as of 8.5
Application Pega Customer Service
Capability/Industry Area Communications and Media

In Pega Customer Service for Communications, billing inquiries represent a majority of calls received by customer service in the Communications industry. When a customer calls in, they might not be very clear about what their question is and the customer service representative (CSR) needs to ask a lot of follow-up questions to understand the question. The Bill Search feature enables the CSR to find the search item that the customer is referring to across all the past bills of a customer. The CSR can see the search results highlighted in the bill PDF files. Thus, both the CSR and the customer are looking at same content, which helps the CSR to understand the context faster.

Before you begin

This article does not cover the prerequisite steps for setting up the development infrastructure for bill search. The setup for bill search needs to be done before the feature can be extended. For more information about the setup, see How to add advanced PDF search in a customer journey.

This article lists the different extensions that can be customized by implementation teams in Pega Customer Service for Communications.

Extensions available in the Bill Search feature

The following extension points are available with the Bill Search feature:

Extension Description
DisplaySearchOccurences Using DisplaySearchOccurences, implementation teams can change the styling of the search box and the results drop-down list.
SourcePDF DT The SourcePDF data transform acts as a source to populate the document information on the D_PDFDocument data page, which is used to perform the search operation and update the count of occurrences. This data transform has the template for the properties, such as DocumentName, DocumentID, and DocumentSource, which should be populated by the implementation teams from the PDF data source.
SourcePDF Activity Using SourcePDF activity, implementation teams can use other sources of data such as a REST connection instead of a database connection.
PDFDocumentViewer User interface elements can be extended by using PDFDocumentViewer. For example, the implementation teams change the location of the search box or add more elements to the UI based on their requirements.
DisplayShowMore Using the DisplayShowMore when condition, implementation teams can customize the logic for when to show the Show More link in the Search drop-down list based on the requirement.