Data science tools for Pega Customer Decision Hub

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Data science tools for Pega Customer Decision Hub

Description Use external data science tool with Pega Platform
Version as of 7.1.1
Application Pega Customer Decision Hub
Capability/Industry Area Artificial Intelligence

Data science tools

Pega Platform™ provides auxiliary tools for data scientists to work with Pega Customer Decision Hub™ and the decision management capabilities of Pega Platform. These tools are open source and available on GitHub. We welcome contributing back, preferably in the form of pull requests, but just filing issues or requests through the home page is fine as well. We would welcome additional use cases and examples from business intelligence (BI) and other tools.

Use case examples

You can use these data science tools to achieve the following goals and more:

  • Create offline reports for adaptive models (PDFs or standalone HTML documents).
  • Perform deep analysis of models and predictors.
  • Create additional visualization, such as trend charts of individual predictors and box plots of predictor performance across (selected) models.
  • Freeze adaptive models into scorecards for analysis or compliance.
  • Recreate adaptive models from historical model snapshot data.
Example plot.png

Accessing the Pega Customer Decision Hub tools

The tools repository on GitHub is located at Customer Decision Hub Data Scientist Tools.

The repository is accompanied by the Customer Decision Hub Data Scientist Tools Wiki where you can find notebooks and examples that describe the use cases in more detail, including a Graph Gallery. The gallery includes sample graphs that you can recreate by using the tools provided by Pega or use as examples when using other tools.

The tools are mostly in R and Python. Installation steps and prerequisites are described in the Getting Started sections on the Customer Decision Hub Data Scientist Tools Wiki.


With these tools, data scientists can get deeper insights that can help them answer key questions around the Pega Customer Decision Hub implementation.