Data page conversion configuration

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Data page conversion configuration

Description Describes the procedure to implement data page conversion.
Version as of 8.5
Application Pega Smart Investigate for Payments
Capability/Industry Area Financial Services

Data Page conversion Configuration

This article describes the procedure to implement a data page conversion.

Retrieve data from Database

1. Create report definitions on the integration class in the PegaSIINT ruleset.

2. Create data in a Data Class in the FW ruleset.

3. Configure a report definition as the data source in a Data Page

4. Use a data transform to map the Integration Layer properties to Data Layer properties.

a. Data transform rule, OpenMap, is the FW OOTB Naming convention to map integration layer properties to data layer properties. This is invoked based on the class name.

b. Create the data transform in the data class in FW rule set.

5. Update the SQL/RDB referenced activities with data transforms to invoke the Data Pages.

Write data to Database

1. To write back data to database, Obj methods through activity rules are required, as there are no equivalent methods for Save and Delete from Data Pages.

2. Create a temporary page of respective integration class type.

3. Hold/Set the properties and the corresponding values on the temporary page

a. Data transform rule, SaveMap, is the the out of the box naming convention to map Data layer properties to Integration layer properties. This is invoked based on the data layer class name.

b. Create the data transform rule in Data class in FW rule set

4. Call the wizard generated activity rule, SaveXXXXXXX (eg: SaveINTERESTRATES), to save the data back to database which uses Obj methods instead of RDB methods.

Data Page Reference Implementation for retrieving the data

The following is the reference implementation of the Data Page for the INTERESTRATES table with the old approach to retrieve data from DB to work layer, database specific Connect-SQL rule is required. See the image below:


With the new approach, a Data Page is invoked through the data transform rule to retrieve data. The Data Page fetches the data from database through report definition.

The report definition would automatically build the select statement and where clauses regardless of database configured. See the example below:




Referencing the implementation to write data

With the old approach, a Connect-SQL rule is required. The rule references an RDB- Save method to write the data from/ to the DB layer.

The following images are an example of the SQL rule:



With the new approach, a data transform is created to map the Data class properties to the NT layer properties.

The following images indicate the new data transform approach: