Currency Conversion in Pega Foundation for Financial Services

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Currency Conversion in Pega Foundation for Financial Services

Description Currency Exchange Rate Data Structure
Version as of 8.7
Application Pega Foundation for Financial Services
Capability/Industry Area Financial Services

Currency Conversion Structure

Pega Foundation for Financial Services (PFFS) provides data structure and Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD) functions to calculate exchange rates for international credit card transactions. This feature includes ability to store multiple rates per date, retrieve most recent rate or by range for auditing purposes. FS applications use this feature to process international payment transactions.



Exchange Rates Table.png

Note: Corresponding table FSF_SNAP_CURRENCYEXCHANGERATE contains data backups (snapshots).

Data Class

PegaFS-Data-CurrencyExchangeRate class contains data structure for currency exchange rate including properties, data transforms for mapping data to and from integration class (table) and data pages for CRUD functions.

Currency Exchange Data Class.png

Note: Information about countries and their currencies is hosted by PegaFS-Data-Currency <-> PegaFS-Int-FSF_REF_CURRENCY (table: FSF_REF_CURRENCY).

Data page D_CurrencyExchangeRateOpen returns a single record based on primary key. Input parameters are FromCurrencyCode, ToCurrencyCode, DateTime and Rate. This is for a specific rate information lookup.

Data page D_CurrencyExchangeRateSummary returns a list of records based the following input parameters: FromCurrencyCode, ToCurrencyCode, FromDateTime and ToDateTime. This is to retrieve records for date ranges and currencies for auditing and for finding most recent rate.

Use Case

Visa cardholder in the US makes a purchase on an EU based website. The amount paid will be exchanged from USD to Euro by submitting currencies’ (To and From) and date/time of transaction to retrieve most recent rate that can be applied to the payment transaction.