Correspondence Templates

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Correspondence Templates

Description Learn how to configure Correspondence Templates
Version as of 8.5
Application Pega Smart Investigate for Payments
Capability/Industry Area Financial Services

Correspondence Template

Use the Create Correspondence feature in Smart Investigate to customize and generate outbound messages automatically or with user intervention. The application has predefined correspondence templates for different category of messages such as SWIFT MT, Fed, email, faxes, and printed letters. You can also customize letters, email, and faxes to be sent to customers and banks.

The SendCorrespondence flow invokes the SendCorrespondence utility. This enables users to generate a specific type of correspondence.  


The screenshot below shows the input parameters for the Send correspondence flow required to identify a correspondence template and other message details.


The screenshot below shows the configurations required for the SendCorrespondence flow to send a Swift MT message.


Example of Correspondence template for SWIFT Message

The screenshot below shows the out-of-the-box sample correspondence template:


  • The Class field indicates the context of the message type template. for example, PegaCommBank-Swift-MTn99 is context of all MT n99 messages.
  • The Model field indicates the data transform that sets the properties required for processing the template.
  • The Message Edit HTML field indicates the HTML rule used to design the interface for manual correspondence creation.
  • In the Segments-->Stream column, the configured rules indicate default values for the respective Correspondence properties.

Stream rules contain HTML code which is used to map data to respective property fields in the Correspondence template. The screenshot displays the example of a stream rule:


The screenshot below displays a Swift MT 299 payment confirmation Correspondence template:

Fields 21 and 79 display the default data configured using Stream rules in Swift template.


Configuring Ticklers and Verification

Control tab on the correspondence forms is used to configure ticklers and correspondence verification.

The key configuration areas are as follows:

  • The interval for sending each tickler.
  • Enable or disable verification by updating After Create dropdown in the form below.
  • Set the threshold necessary to trigger verification.
  • Configure the workbasket for routing of verification request.
  • Set the Status of correspondence post generation and verification of correspondence.


Sending Correspondence

The application enables you to send messages in the background using the SendCorrespondence flow or the Create Correspondence option.

The screenshot below displays an example of configuring SWIFT messages using the Create Correspondence: