Build for change using App Studio

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Build for change using App Studio

Description Building applications using App Studio using configuration rather than customization
Version as of 8.4
Application Pega Platform
Capability/Industry Area Case Management

Building for change by using App Studio
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Living the #AppStudioLifestyle means starting all Pega application development in App Studio using capabilities available out of the box. It means that regardless of your skill level or technical prowess with Pega Platform™, you see the value of App Studio and you do everything you can to maximize the value you can get from building in App Studio rather than Dev Studio.

As much as possible, you configure your application rather than customizing it.

What this means for experienced developers

We understand that everything you may want to do isn’t available in App Studio. For experienced Pega developers, there are many things that you can only accomplish using Dev Studio – and that is okay!

Think about the people that are building in App Studio as you build components in Dev Studio so you can ensure that they surface themselves appropriately in App Studio. We don’t want to box-out users or degrade the value proposition of our model-driven environment by not allowing edits to be made in App Studio because a component had been built or changed in Dev Studio in a way that’s not compatible.

This means:

  • creating data pages that are compatible with App Studio Data Objects
  • using templatized UI as much as possible and always wrapping custom capability in a way that it can be accessed via App Studio 
  • above all: testing that what you building Dev Studio can be leveraged in App Studio.

Why is this important?

Focus on the highest value work

If citizen developers are able to do basic configuration of applications in App Studio, that means experienced developers can spend time doing more detailed and difficult work that is only possible in Dev Studio. This is the value-added work that more experienced developers should be working on.

Upgrade and get the latest features

If an application is built in App Studio, it will be more upgradable in the future. Keeping applications current on the latest version of Pega Platform allows them to take advantage of our latest features.