Best practices for case suggestion configuration

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Best practices for case suggestion configuration

Description Learn best practices for case suggestion configuration
Version as of 8.7
Application Pega Customer Service
Capability/Industry Area Interaction Management


The configuration for case suggestions provides the best resolution for customers and CSRs because it reduces the average time that the CSR spends on the interaction with the customer. With suggested cases, the application automatically suggests incomplete or open cases. It provides an easy way for the citizen developer to configure suggested cases in App Studio so that the cases appear in Notification cards/suggestions in the Interaction Portal at the launch of an interaction.

Best practices

Review the following best practices to ensure the correct suggestion criteria configuration:

  • Ensure that you configure the suggestion criteria correctly. Suggested cases are designed in a way that when there is no criteria, no cases are suggested in the Interaction Portal.
  • If you are updating your application, the suggested cases toggle is disabled by default. Ensure that you turn on the suggested cases toggle so that you can see the suggestions configuration in App Studio.
  • Do not edit the default conditions on the Suggestions page in App Studio. Pega Customer Service default conditions filter the cases to the specified customer context. If the default condition properties are not relevant for the implementation teams, then they can configure default conditions by using the SuggestedCasesDefaultConditions data transform with the appropriate values.
  • By default, all case types that are defined in the application are populated in the drop-down menu in the Add criteria dialog box of the suggestions configuration. If implementation teams want to limit the case types, then override the cyExcludeCaseTypesForSuggestions data transform. For more information, see Configuring a data transform.
  • To ensure improved performance, keep the maximum number of records to retrieve as 5 in the VirtualReportDefForSuggestedReviews virtual report definition.
  • To sort the suggestions by creation date time or urgency, use the Sort cases by drop-down menu on the Suggestions page and select Most recent or Most urgent.
  • When you add more properties, ensure that you mark those properties as relevant and associate them with the relevant record category.
  • Ensure that you optimize all added properties. If the properties are not optimized, then suggestions do not function properly. For more information, see Optimizing a property from the user interface. Exposed properties can also help to improve query performance.