Authoring questionnaires through the BA portal

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Authoring questionnaires through the BA portal

Description How to author questionnaires by using the BA portal
Version as of 8.6
Application Pega Care Management
Capability/Industry Area Healthcare and Life Sciences

Authoring questionnaires through the BA Portal

In 8.6, Pega Care Management created a new authoring tool to create questionnaires. Previously, you were limited to using Dev Studio which did not let you design, configure, and create a range of actions based on questionnaire scores, question answers, or configured conditions. Now, you can author a questionnaire through the Business Analyst Portal, preview the questionnaire, and publish to the production environment. While Pega Care Management offers this new option for clinical assessments (questionnaires), you still can use Pega Platform case-based questionnaires when necessary.

To create a clinical assessment, you access the Business Analyst Portal within Care Management and then click the Questionnaires section in the left-hand navigation pane. This displays existing questionnaires, question pages, and questions. You can edit an existing questionnaire, create a new questionnaire, reuse existing questions/question pages, and create new question pages or questions. In 8.6, you can now associate goals, interventions and tasks with questions and questionnaires (Previously, only problems and barriers were associated with the questions and questionnaires).

You can author questionnaires that use scoring and configure actions to assess the health and wellness of consumers.

Overview landing page

Pega Care Management continues to work closely with the Pega Platform to review readiness for the migration to the Cosmos design system questionnaire designs. This future work will be monitored and planned with client update impact in mind.

Use case examples

An organization wants to offer a health risk assessment at the start of a care program

  • Many organizations, at the start of a care program (diabetes, smoking cessation, and cardiac), use an assessment to gather baseline information. You want to configure actions based on specific answers that are offered by the consumer. You open Pega Care Management, navigate to the Business Analyst portal, and create a questionnaire for the health risk assessment. You can then choose existing question pages or questions to be added to the health risk assessment, or create new questions to be added. You can update each question or question page for format as well as actions.

A user wants to update an existing questionnaire

  • You navigate to the Business Analyst Portal, identify the questionnaire that requires updates, and open the questionnaire. Then you update the needed questions or question pages. NOTE: If you edit an existing questionnaire, for example, a COPD questionnaire, by adding a new question or expanding a drop-down option list, this means that all uses of this questionnaire going forward will reflect these changes. To save the questionnaire as a new questionnaire, rename the questionnaire, or work with the development team to save this questionnaire to an active ruleset.
Sample of Questionnaire configuration

A user wants to capture consumer satisfaction scores

Use Pega Platform Questionnaire to configure a case-based questionnaire specifically for the consumer satisfaction. If actions are needed, you can work with the low-code development environment to update the case settings.

Before you begin

Before creating a questionnaire, determine the type of questionnaire that you want to create. Do you want to use the Pega Care Management process to create actions that lead to care plan elements or the Pega Platform Questionnaire case-based process?

  • With Pega Care Management, you create a consumer-focused questionnaire that uses care planning as an outcome of the answers provided. You create care pestionnaires through Pega Care Management and the Business Analyst Portal. For more information about creating plan-driven questionnaires, see Questionnaire management.
    • Ensure that you review the Configuration landing page for details that are associated with the questionnaire.
Questionnaire configuration page.jpg
  • The following configuration options for creating questionnaires in Pega Care Management are available from Dev Studio. These specific configuration options are available on the Configuration page in Dev Studio, and not in the Business Analyst portal because they require developer skills:
    • Complex questions of table type
    • Simple questions of type custom section
    • Custom styling options like length settings
    • Section configuration for smart information display
    • Pre-action configuration at question group and questionnaire level
  • While the ability to create the referencing rules such as validation rules, when rules and property rules are provided in the BA portal, there is a known performance issue while loading the UI to create the rules in Pega Platform 8.6.
  • With Pega Platform, you create a questionnaire that collects data but will not drive a care plan. For more information about designing questionnaires using Pega Platform, see Designing Questionnaires

Process to achieve the objective

  1. Work with the clinical business team to determine the type of questionnaire that you want to create.
  2. Log in to the application to create your questionnaire:


You should have knowledge of the differences between the Pega Infinity case-based questionnaire model and the Pega Care Management questionnaire model. You should be able to accomplish the configuration of a questionnaire from the Business Analyst Portal.