Adjusting arbitration to reflect changed business priorities

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Adjusting arbitration to reflect changed business priorities

Description Adjusting arbitration to reflect changed business priorities
Version as of 8.1
Application Pega Customer Decision Hub
Capability/Industry Area Next Best Action

This article is part of a series about using Pega Customer Decision Hub to communicate with customers during emergency events. For an overview of the process, see Rapid Response to Emergencies. For the previous article in the series, see Personalizing emergency messages to increase impact.

Adjusting Arbitration to Reflect Changes in Business Priorities

  1. Configure the Eligibility, Applicability and Suitability rules to reflect the change in business focus, for example tightening Suitability rules to prevent miss-selling to customers who are at risk of financial distress.
  2. Review the current Arbitration configuration, specifically the business levers.
  3. Add or adjust your Business purpose weights to prioritize your issue and group actions to reflect your new business focus.Business Purpose Weighting for Emergency Actions
  4. Remember that weights use percentages, and the combination of action and business purpose weighting is additive.
  5. For organizations that calculate value in real-time and for each customer then an optional step is to adjust the overall logic you use to calculate the value for all actions.
    1. Click on Action value > Base value calculation. Base Value Calculation in Action Value Menu
    2. Update, configure and test the required strategy in the extension point (not covered in this article).Required Strategy for Emergency Actions
  6. For organizations that have fixed values for each action, then an optional step would be to refresh the action values.
  7. Test these actions using your existing testing processes, including simulation tests.
    1. In Engagement policy and for each of the groups:
      1. Click on Actions > Audience simulations. Audience Simulations in Actions Menu
      2. For further instructions on simulation, see the Pega Customer Decision Hub User Guide.
    2. Review the results and ensure that you understand the implications of these settings and how the new actions will be evaluated alongside your existing actions in all issues and groups.

Next steps

Manage your customer communications on an ongoing basis by adjusting the Next-Best-Action catalogue to support changed business priorities.