Adding a new enrichment provider that is not yet available in Pega Marketplace

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Adding a new enrichment provider that is not yet available in Pega Marketplace

Description Add a new enrichment data provider for PFFS
Version as of 8.5
Application Pega Foundation for Financial Services
Capability/Industry Area Financial Services

Adding a new enrichment provider that is not yet available in the Pega Marketplace[edit]

Pega Foundation for Financial Services (PFFS) provides a single, unified approach to creating and extending integrations to a list of financial information providers that all Financial Services (FS) applications can access.

Enriching the customer and company data from financial information providers provides many benefits to financial services organizations, including operational efficiencies, more efficient management of credit decisions, verification of identity, increased fraud awareness, provision of more targeted and personalized cross-selling and upselling strategies, and optimization of collection treatments.

There are 2 distinct parts to enabling a new enrichment data provider in PFFS:

  • Creation and publishing of a component containing the integration with the data provider,
  • Implementation in the foundation (application) layer of, for example, construction of input calls to the provider, error handling, and mapping of results.

Create and publish a new component[edit]

  1. In Dev Studio, click Configure > Application > Components.
  2. On the Components screen, click New component.
  3. Create a new component (application rule).
  4. Add rulesets with rules for data source integration to the component’s application rule. Best practice is to ensure that the Prerequisites only list Pega Platform and not PFFS foundation/FS applications.
  5. Lock, generate and submit the component for publishing in the Pega Marketplace.

Example component application rule for Avox

Component Example.png

Implementation in the foundation layer[edit]

Before you begin[edit]

  1. Download a component from Pega Marketplace (formerly known as Pega Exchange):
  2. In the Enabled components section of the application rule, click Manage components.

Manage components.png

Note: If the desired component is already present in your system, select the Enabled check box. Otherwise, to proceed to the Pega Marketplace, click BROWSE APPS & COMPONENTS.

Component screen.png

3. Search for the component that you want to use.


Implementing the component in PFFS[edit]

PegaFS-Data-ExtProvider- is a centralized class for making component calls and mapping returned data back into the Financial Services data structure. There are also specialized child classes that are dedicated to handling enrichment and output mapping.

Class: PegaFS-Data-Ext Provider-BusService-eEnrichment

Description:  Class for retrieving search results and entity details for party enrichment.

Data Pages: Unified data pages for searching and for entity details; selects an applicable provider based on input, executes specialized data pages for the provider to perform service calls, and handles output, including errors.

  • D_Trigger_SearchEntity is a unified data page for searching data providers.

Trigger Search Entity.png

  • D_Trigger_EntityDetails data page for entity details

Entity Details.png

Based on Provider parameter logic, it invokes a specific data page > data transform for the provider. This rule handles invocation of data pages from the component, and connection errors.

Component Specific DT.png

Use case examples[edit]

Enrichment reports for organizations: Search and case details in PFFS[edit]

EEnrichment Search.png

Party details[edit]

Entity .png


Pega Marketplace

Component submittal form